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Edited by  M A Dhaky

a. vol. I, Part 3: South India: Upper Drāviḍadēśa. Later Phase, CE 978-1326
1996, text & plates, xxix+596pp., line drawings, gloss., index, 1,674 b&w plates, ISBN 81-86526-00.5 Rs. 7500 (set of two vols.) HB.

b. vol. II, Part 3: North India: Beginnings of Medieval Idiom, c. CE 900-1000
1998, text & plates, xxviii+426pp., line drawings, gloss., index, 913 b&w plates, ISBN 81-7304-226-8, Rs. 7500 (set of two vols.) (HB).

Vol. I, Part 3: This part in two binds covers the full range of Indian temple architecture, surveys medieval temples and associated buildings in Upper Drāviḍadēśa, particularly those in the territories of the Cāḷukyas of Kalyāṇa, Hoysaḷas of Dorassamudra, as well as in those of other dynasties such as the Kadambas, Raṭṭas, Guttas, Senas and Śāntaras in Karnataka and those in the domain of the Kākatīyas of Waraṅgal together with those of the Cāḷukyas of Vemulavāḍa; Telugu Coḍas, Reḍḍis, and Malyālas, all in theTeliṅgāṇa area of Andhra Pradesh, and finally the Ālupas of Tuḷunāḍu. Arranged by region and dynasty, the chapters also focus, wherever evidence is clear, on the nature of local idioms and origins of the regional styles. These are copiously illustrated with drawings and photographs.

Vol. II, Part 3: This part also in two binds surveys the tenth century temples (and associated structures) in different provinces of the north Indian megaterritory, built under the political aegis of the then ruling various provincial-principal and subordinate-dynasties. Among these, the more notable were the Cāhamānas of Śākambharī and of Naḍḍula, and Solaṅkīs of Aṇahillapāṭaka in westem India; also, the Kaḷacūris of Cedideśa olim Ḍāhaladeśa, Candellas of Jejākabhukti, and Kacchapaghāṭas of Gopagiri in central India and the Somavaṁśīs of Kaliṅgadeśa in eastem India. The text, running in twenty-one chapters, has copiously illustrated with drawings (ground plan and base­elevations) and adequate number of photographs.


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