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(A) Directing Committee

Chief Director:

1.    Dr. Chu Chia-hua

       President, Academia Sinica, & President of the Chinese League of Nations' Union.

Vice-Chief Director

2.    Mr. Ku Meng-yu

       President, National Central University of China.

Standing Director (in -charge)

3.    Mr. Chang Tao-fan

            Dean, National Central Political School

Standing Directors:


4.    Mr. Ch'en Li-fu

            Minister of Education, China.


5.    Mr. Shen Shih-hua

Commissioner to India.


6.    Mr. Shen Tsung lien

            Councillor, Supreme National Defence Council.


7.    Mr. Ch'en Ta-chi

            Chairman, Examination Commission of the Examination Yuan.


8.    Prof. Ju Pe'on

            Professor, National Central University.


9.    Mr. Wang Tseng-shan

            Councillor, the Legislative Yuan.




10.   Prof. Tan Yun-Shan

             Founder of the Society & Directory Cheena-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati


11.  Venerable Tai-Shui

            President, China Buddhist Association.


12.   Mr. Tseng Jung-p'u

             Administrative Vice-Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


13.  Mr. Hollington K. Tong

            Vice-Minister, Ministry of Information.


14.  Mr. Mai-she-wu-to

            Member of the Central committee of Kuomintang.


15.  Dr. Yieh Ch'i-sun

            Secretary-General, Academia Sinica.


16.  Prof. Ch'en Yin-K'0

            Professor, National South-west Associated University.


17.  Mr. Shen Shih-yuan

            Vice-Chairman, Examination Commission of Examination Yuan.


18.  Rev. Fa-tsun

            Director, The Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Institute.


19.  Prof. Tsung Po-Hua

            Professor, National Central University.


20.  Prof. Chang Hsu

            President, The National Western-Boundary Cultural Institute.


21.  Prof. Li Cheng-kang

            Professor, National Central University.


22.  Venerable Lama Hsi-Jao-Chia-Chno

            Tibetan Representative, The People's Political Council.


23.  Prof. Tang Yung-ting

            Professor & Chairman, Philosophy Department of National Peking University.


24.  Prof. Feng You-Ian

            Acting Dean, College of Arts of National South-west Associated University.


25.   Mr. Shih Shang k'uan.


26.  Mr. Chen Tien-hsi

            Secretary, The Examination Yuan.


27.  Prof. Ma Tsung jung

            Professor, The Fu Tan University.


28.   Mr. Chang Chia-sen.


29.  Prof, Ku. Chen-kang

            Professor, The Cheloo University.


30.  Prof. Chan Chi-chun

            Professor, National Central University.


31.  Prof. Chang Yi

            Professor, National Central University.


32.  Dr. Fu Ssu-nien

            Director-General, Research Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.


33.  Dr. Li Sze-kuang

            Director-General, Research Institute of Geology Academia Sinica.


34.  Mr. Chiang Fu-tsung

            Director, National Central Library.


35.  Dr. Chiang Meng-lin

            President, National Peking University.


36.  Mr. Li Shou-houa

            President, The Sino-French University.


37.  Dr. Wang Hsing-kung

            President, The National Wuhan University.


38.  Dr. Chu Ke-Chen

            President, National University of Chekiang.


39.  Mr. Ch'eng Tie'n-fang

            Former Ambassador to Germany.


40.  Mr. Wei Chuo-min.


41.  Prof. Ma Fu

            President, National Academy.


42.  Prof. Lu Ch'eng

            Professor, The Chinese Adhyatma Vidya Institute.


43.  Dr. Lo Chia-lun

            Former President, National Central University.


44.  Mr. Yang Chih-fu.


45.  Mr. Hin Shu-chih.


(B) Supervisory Committee


Chief Supervisor:


1.    Mr. Tai Chi-tao

            President, The Examination Yuan.


Vice-Chief Supervisor:


2.    Mr. Ch'en Poo-lei

            Secretary-General to the Generalissimo.


Standing Supervisor:


3.    Dr. Wang Ch'ung-hui

            Secretary-General, Supreme National Defence Council.


4.   General Pai Ch'ung-hsi

            President, Chinese Muslim Association.


5.   General Shang Chen

            Formerly Governor of Shansi Province.


6.    Dr. Wang Shih-Cheh

       Minister, Ministry of Information..




7.   Mr. Wu Ching-heng

            State Councillor, National Government State Council.


8.   Mr. Ma Lin

            State Councillor, National Government State Council.


9.   Mr. Chang Chia-nao.

            Minister, Ministry of communication.


10.  Mr. Yeh Chu-ts'ang

            Vice-President, The Legislative Yuan.


11.  Dr. C. J. Pao

            Consul-General for the Republic of China in Calcutta.


12.  Mr. Ma Ho-tien

            Director, Commission of Mongolian & Tibetan Affairs.


13.  Mr. Lui Wen-huei

            Concurrently Chairman, Sikiang Provincial, Government,


14.  Mr. Ouyang Tsien

            President, The China Adhyatman Vidya Institute.


15.  Mr. Lui Wei-Chih

            Minister, Ministry of Overseas Chinese Affairs.


16.  Mr. Hsu Shih-ying

            Acting Chairman, The National Relief Commission


17.   Mr. Li T'ieh-cheng.


18.  Mr. Hsu Chung-hao

            Formerly Secretary-General, The Examination Yuan.


19.  Dr. Chiang Ting-fu

            Director of Political Affairs Council.


20.  Dr. Quo Tai-Ch'i

            Chairman, National Foreign Affairs Council


21.  Dr. Ku Yu-hsiu

            Political Vice-Minister, Ministry of Education.


22.  Prof. Wu Tsun-sheng

            Director, Department of Higher Education of Ministry of Education


23.  Mr. Wu T'ieh-Gheng

            Secretary-General, Central Committee of Kuomintang.





I Founder-President


1.   Gurudeva Dr, Rabindranath Tagore


II. Honorary Presidents


1.   Mahatma Gandhi


2.   Marshal Chiang Kai-Shek


3.   Sri Aurobindo Ghose


4.   President Tai Ghi-Tao


5.   Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru


6.   Madame Chiang Kai-Shek


7.   Madame Sarojini Naidu


III. President


1.    Dr. Abanindranath Tagore


IV. Patrons


1.    Seth Jugal Kishore Birla


2.    Raja Sahib of Awagarh


V. Central Committee


            (1) SANTINIKETAN


1.    Sjt. RathindranathTagore

       General Secretary, Visva-Bharati.


2.    Sjt. Surendranath Kar

       Santiniketan Secretary, Visva-Bharati.



3.     Pandit Kshiti Mohan Sen

       Principal, Vidya-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


4.    Sjt. Nandalal Bose

       Director, Kala-Bhavan, Visva-Bharati.


5.    Sjt. Anil Kumar Chanda,

       Principal, College, Visva-Bharati.


6.    Sjt. Krishna R. Kripalani,

       Rector, School Department, Visva-Bharati.


7.    Sit. Prabhat Kumar Mukherjee,

       Librarian, Visva-Bharati.


8.    Sjt. Charu Chandra Bhattacharya,

       Secretary, Publishing Dept. Visva-Bharati.


9.    Madame Indira Devi,

       Honorary Director, Sangit-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


10.   Madame Pratima Devi,

       Director, Sangit-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


11.   Sjt. Gurdial Mallik,



12.   Sjt. Kshitish Roy,.13.

       Asst. General Secretary. Visva-Bharati.



13.   Pandit Hazari Prasad Dwivedi Sahitya Sastri

       Director, Hindi-Bhavana Visva-Bharati.


14.   Sjt. Kanti Ghose

       Author & Asst. Editor, "V. B. Patrika".



15.   Sjt. Sujit Kumar Mukhopadhyay,

       Sanskrit Professor, Cheena-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


            (2) CALCUTTA  


1.    Maulana Abut Kalam Azad.

       President, All-India National Congress.


2.    B. C. Roy,

       Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta, University.


3.    Sjt. Ramananda Chatterjee,

       Editor, "Modern Review"


4.    Dr. Surendranath Das-Gupta,

       Principal, Sanskrit College & Professor, Calcutta University.


5.    Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterjee,

       Professor & Head of Dept. of Comparative Philology, Calcutta University.


6.    Dr. Prabodh Chandra Bagchi,

       Lecturer, Calcutta University.


7.    Dr. Kalidas Nag,

   General Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society & Professor of Calcutta University.

8.    Dr. Mahendranath'sircar,

       Professor of Philosophy, Presidency College.


9.    Dr. Benoy Kumar Sarkar,

       Professor, Calcutta University & Author.


10.   Dr. Amiya Chakravarty,

       Lecturer, Calcutta University & Author.


11.   Dr.. Shyamaprasad Mukherjee,

        Ex-Financial Minister, Bengal ; Ex-Vice-Chqcellor & now President,

        Post-Graduate Council, Calcutta University.  


12.   Mahamahopadhyaya Vidushekhara Sastri,

       Head of the Sanskrit Department, Calcutta University.


13.  Sir Jadunath Sarkar,

       Formerly Vice-Chancellor, Calcutta University.


14.   Prof. Humayun Kabir,

       Professor, Calcutta University.


15.   Dr. Nihar Ranjan Ray,

       Chief Librarian, Calcutta University.


16.   Sjt. Atul Chandra Gupta,

       Advocate, Calcutta High Court & Author


17.   Sjt. Bhagirathi Kanodia,

       Leading Industrialist, Calcutta.


18.   Seth 8. M. Birla,

       Leading Industrialist, Calcutta.


19.   Sjt. Hiran Kumar Sanyal,

       Jt. Editor, "Parichaya"


20.   Professor Sushobhan Sarkar,

       Professor, Presidency college.


21.  Sjt. Suhrid Chandra Sinha,

       Landlord, Calcutta.


22.  Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumdar,

       Formerly Vice-Chancellor, University of Dacca.


23.   Dr. P. N. Banerjee.

       M. L. A. (Central); Leader, Congress Nationalist Party.


24.   Sjt. Tushar Kanti Ghosh,

       Editor, "Amrita Bazar Patrika".


25.   Sjt. Hem Chandra Nag,

       Editor, "Hindusthan Standard"


26.   Sjt. B. Sen Gupta,

       Managing Editor, United Press.


            (3) DACCA


1.    Dr. Khan Bahadur Mohamud Hassan,

 Vice-Chancellor, Dacca University.




1.    Babu Rajendra Prasad,

       Formerly President, now Member, Working Committee, All-India N,ational Congress.


2.    Dr. Satchidananda Sinha,

       Vice-Chancellor, University of Patna.


3.    Sjt. Rahula Sankrityayana,

       Orientalist &Social & Political Worker.


4.    Dr. Subimal Sarkar,

       Principal, Patna College.




1.    Sir S. Radhakrishnan,

       Vice-Chancellor, Benares Hindu University.


2.    Dr. Bbagavan Das,

       Author & Formerly M. L. A. (Central)


3.    Babu Siva Prasad Gupta,

       Author & Landlord.


4.    Babu Sriprakash,

       M. L. A. (Central) & Editor, "Aj".


5.    Pandit lqbal Narayan Gupta,

       Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Benares Hindu University.


            (6) SARNATH


1.    Mr. Devapriya Valisingha,

 General Secretary, Maha Bodhi Society of India.


2.    Prof. Dharmanand Kofiambi,

 Formerly Professor of Bombay University & Author.




1.    Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit,

       President, All-India Women's Conference & M. L. A.;

       formerly Minister, U. P. Government.


2.    Dr. Amarnath Jha,

       Vice-Chancellor, University of Allababad.




1.    Raja Bisheshwar Dayal Seth

       Vice-Chancellor, University of Lucknow.


2.    Prof. Dhurjati Prasad Mukherjee,

       Professor, University of Lucknow.



            (9) ALIGARH


1.    Sir Ziauddin Ahmed,

       Vice-Chancellor, Muslim University.


2.    Dr. Hadi Hassan

       Professor, Muslim University.


3.    Prof. Habib

       Professor, Muslim University.


            (10) AGRA


1.    Mr. J. C. Chatterjee

  Vice-Chancellor, University of Agra.


(11) DELHI


1.    Sir Maurice Gwyer,

       Formerly Chief Justice, India ; Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi.


2.    Mr. John Sergeant,

       Educational Adviser to the Government of India.


3.    Mr. H. Prideaux-Brune

       China Relation Officer, Delhi.


4.    Dr. Shaukat Ansari,

       Congress Leader, Delhi.


5.    Shri Raghunanda Saran,

       Congress Leader, Delhi.


6.    Dr. Zakir Hussain,

       Principal, Jamia Millia University.


7.    Shri Devadas Gandhi,

       Managing Editor, "Hindusthan Times".


6.    Mrs. Satyen Roy,

       M. L. A. ( Central ) & Member, Central Board of Education.


9.    Dr. Dhirendra Mohan Sen,

       Technical Assistant, Education, Health & Land Dept., Government of India.


10.   Dr. Sudhir Sen,

       Formerly Secretary to the Commerce Member, Government of India.




1.    Mian Afzal Hussain

       Vice-Chancellor, Punjab University.


2.    Sir Bakshi Tok Chand,

       Judge of the Lahore High Court.


3.    Dr. Raghu Vira,

       Director, International Academy of Indian Culture.





1.    Madame Sophia, Wadia,

       Secretary, P E. N. Club, India Centre.


2.    Sir Ft. P Masani,

       Formerly Vice-Chancellor, University of Bombay.


3.    Shri E. M. Munshi.

       Formerly Home Minister, Government of Bombay.


4.    Dr. Manila1 Patel,

       Director, Bharatiya Vidya-Bhavana.


5.    Mrs. Lilavati Munshi,

       M. L. A., Formerly Parliamentary Secretary, Government of Bombay.


6.    Mr. Yusoof Mehar Ali,

       Sometime Ex. Mayor, Bombay; General Secretary, Congress Socialist Party.


7.    Shri 6. G. Kher,

       Formerly Prime Minister & Minister of Education, Government of Bombay.


6.    Mr. B. J. Wadia,

       Vice-Chancellor, Bombay University,


(14) POONA


1.    Dr. Vasudev Gokhale,

       Professor & Rector, Forgusson college.


2.    Dr. R. N. Dandekar.

       Secretary, Bhandaskar Oriental Research Institute.


3.    Dr. S. M, Katre.

       Director, Deccan College Research Institute.




1.    Shri T. J. Kedar,

       Vice-Chancellor, University of Nagpur.




1.     Nawab Sir Mehdi Yar Jung Bahadur

       Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University.




1.    Shri N. S. Subba Rae

       Vice-Chancellor, Mysore University.




1.    Mr. M. Rathnaswami,

       Vice-Chancellor, Annamalai University.




1.    Sir C.P. Ramaswami lyer

       Prime Minister Travancore & Vice-Chancellor, Tranvancore University.


2.    Dr. James Cousins.

       Curator, Art Museum Professor, Travancore University.


3.    Mrs. Margaret Cousins,

       Author and Social Worker




1.    Sir. C.R. Reddy -Vice-

       Chancellor, Andhra University.




1.    Dr. A. Lakshmanaswami Mudaliar

       Vice-Chancellor, Madras University.


2.    Shri. C. Rajagopalachariar

       Formerly Prime Minister, Government of Madras


3.    Shri. G. A. Natesan

       Editor, "Indian Review".


4.    Shri. K. Srinivasan

       Editor, "The Hindu".


5.    Srimati Rukmini Devi

       President, Kalashetra, Adyar.


6.    Rev. Bhikkhu Arya Asanga.

       Librarian, Adyar and Author.




1.    Dr. M. Krishnamachariar

       Director, Sri Venkateswara Oriental Institute.


2.    Pandit Aiyaswami

       Professor, Sri Venkateswara Oriental Institute.




1.    Sjt. Nalini Gupta

       Author and Secretary , Sri Aurobindo Asrama.




1.    Sir Baron Jayatillake

       Ceylon Representative to the Government of Indlia.


2.    M.r. Wilmot Perera

       Founder Sripali Academy.


3.    Dr. G. P Malalasekara

       President, Buddhist Congress and Professor, University of Colombo.


4.    Mr. L. H. Mettanand

       Principal, Dharmaraja College, Kandy





1.    Mr. S. H. Hua,

       Chinese Commissioner, New Delhi.


2.    Dr.C. J. Pao,

       Chinese Consul-Ganeral, Calcutta.


3.    Prof. Tan Yun-Shan,

       Director, Viisva-Bharati, Gheena-Bhavana, Santiniketan




1.    Dr. Abanindranath Tagore (President ), President, Visva-Bharati.


2.    Vidushekhar Sastri, Professor, Calcutta University.


3.    Kshitimohan Sen, Principal, Vidva-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


4.    Nandalal Bose, Principal, Kala-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


5.    Dr. Kalidas Nag, Lecturer, Calcutta University.


6.    Dr. Amiya Chakravarty, Lecturer, Calcutta University.


7.    Dr. Prabodh Chandra Bagchi, Lecturer, Calcutta University.


8.    Indira Devi, Authoress.


9.    Gurdial Mallik, Curator, Rabindra Museum, Saritiniketan.


10.   Hazariprasad Dwivedi, Editor, Visva-Bharati Pa&ika, (Lecturer, Visva-Bharati)


11.   Rathindranath Tagore, (General Secretary) Visva-Bharati.


12.   Dr. D. M. Bose, (Treasurer) Treasurer, Visva-Bharati & Director, Bose Institute, Calcutta


13.   Anil K. Chanda, (Joint Secretary), Principal, Siksha-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


14.   Surendranath Kar, (Joint Secretary) Secretary, Santiniketan.


15.   K. R. Kripalaini, Rector, Patha-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati.


      16.   Tan Yun-Shan, Director, Cheena-Bhavana, Visva-Bharati, (Director, China Centre).

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