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2002, 430pp., ISBN: 81-7304-428-7, Rs. 1000 (HB)


The volume documents the remarkably productive career of one of the great minds of the twentieth century. This comprehensive and accurate bibliography is the result of more than twenty years of devoted research and scholarship. Its publication is an event of the first importance for all scholars of Indian art and religion. Moreover, it is an equally invaluable reference work for anyone concerned with the study of comparative religion, mythology, traditional metaphysics, iconography and symbolism, in general. It describes in detail American, English and Indian first editions of ninety-five books and pamphlets by Coomaraswamy, with descriptions of ninety-six books containing contributions by him to periodicals and newspapers (as well as translations of his writings). It also lists 420 reviews of Coomaraswamy's books and 216 other items about him and his works. All entries are fully annotated and a complete index is provided.



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