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2012, xx+655pp., figs., notes, oppen., indices, ISBN 13:978-81-246-0605-6, Rs. 3000 (HB)


The Kālāmukha temples in Karnataka are associated with the Lakulaśaiva movement especially the beliefs and practices of the Kālāmukha Śaivites and the Jakkaṇācārī style of temple in Kamataka.This volume is a study of two of the best examples of Kālāmukha shrines in the region. It focuses on the Somanātheśvara Temple at Haraḷahaḷḷi and Kaḍambeśvara Temple at Raṭṭihaḷḷi, splendid examples of conversion of single-cell shrines into triple sancta.

With numerous illustrations of the temples including their plans and sculptures and referring to and quoting from the Āgamas, the Purāṇas and other ancient works, it studies the architecture of the temples along with their history, the general plans of the temples, their interior including pillars, lintel and entrances, their external structure, and their iconography, particularly the main deities in the temples. It makes a unique effort to study the inscriptions associated with the temples which are in Kannada interlaced with Sanskrit verses and containing Sanskrit words, presenting their Roman transliteration and translation into English. The inscriptions include one on renovation of Somesvara Temple by King Joma (CE 1181), one on the foundation of a Temple of Dasdvara laid by Dasirāja (CE 1188) and one that eulogizes the Kadambas and minister Soma (CE 1144).

The volume, with extensive notes that explain terms in a simple manner, will prove invaluable to scholars and students of Indology, especially those interested in early medieval religion, culture and architecture in south India.


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