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2004, xiii+171pp., Index, ISBN: 81-85503-07-9, Rs. 435(HB)


This work lays bare the inner wisdom of Hindustani music through the intimate reflections of Pandit Amarnath, who, voted as one of the four great genius musicians of the twentieth century, came to be widely acknowledged as a musicians'
musician, a legend of his times.

The book develops ten critical themes: rāga or mode; tāla or rhythmic cycle; bandish or lyric; gāyakī or style; listening; learning; teaching; composing; legends and myths of Hindustani music; and-nāda yoga.

Pandit Amarnath reveals large vistas of a poetic awareness, where the reader will journey into the mind of a celebrated poet and composer, a great thinker and scholar, and an outstanding practitioner of the Indore gāyaki who is also the bestselling author of Living Idioms in Hindustani music.


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