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2006, XXXvi+348pp., Bibl., B/w Illus. 209 Index, ISBN: 81-7305-309-X, Rs. 1500 (HB)


The present lexicon explains the meaning and significance of ritualistic terms frequently occurring in the Śrauta-Sūtras, together with a short description of the sacrificial rites connected or meant therewith. It is an outcome of the engagement of the author with Śrauta ritual for a very long time. He has not only a first-hand knowledge of the texts but also a practical acquaintance with the subject acquired through participating in such sacrifices. Every term has been traced back to its original source for which exact references have been provided. A proper understanding of the technical terminology of the Vedic ritual is a precondition for understanding ritualistic texts connected with the Vedas and also the sacrificial performances mentioned therein. No proper understanding of a Śrauta-Sūtras is possible without knowing the basic concepts and the details of the ritualistic terms. Sketches and photographs of Vedic implements and performances are an added advantage of this lexicon, which will help the reader immensely in
understanding the related terms.

The dictionary is the first of its kind in view of its vast coverage, authenticity and reliability. We are sure that it will prove to be an indispensable asset for every scholar who wants to familiarize himself with the Vedic ritual and the philosophy behind it.


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