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2008 xiv=190pp., 4 col. b/w, index, bibl., Figs. & Maps 18, ISBN: 978-81-7305-340-5, Rs. 1500 (HB)


Built in the eleventh century, the temple of Liṅgarāja in Bhubaneswar is acclaimed as one of the finest temples of India. With its construction the Orissan temple style reached its mature phase and set the model for later temples to follow. The book, for the first time, makes an in-depth study of the temple in all its aspects such as its history, architecture, sculpture, mode of worship, festivals and organization of services, to understand the temple in its totality. The architectural features and religious aspects are described in the light of Orissan architectural lore and kṣetra māhātmyas of Bhubaneswar.

Originally conceived as a Śiva temple, in course of time, it was transformed into a temple for both Śiva and Viṣṇu. With perhaps the largest concentration of temples, ranging from the eleventh to the fifteenth centuries, the temple premises united the Śaiva, Śākta and Vaiṣṇava followers and fostered a spirit of harmony in the religious life of Orissa.

The comprehensive study, lavishly illustrated, is expected to provide new insights into the appreciation of this great temple and its various aspects.


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