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2001, xlvi+314pp., bibl., index. ISBN:81-7305-182-8, Rs. 1100 (HB)


This book contains a life-long study by the author on the concept and configuration of one of the best loved religious figures in Asia. It is based on the data extensively acquired from inscriptional and other archaeological evidences. The book offers a deep insight into the religious life of ancient Southeast Asia, which had provided the backdrop to the veneration of Avalokiteśvara, the Buddhist personification of Compassion. The visual representations portray him in an amazing variety of forms, reflecting the local adaptations of imported norms, to meet the spiritual obligations and the aesthetic aspirations of each community. Their iconographic details symbolically personify a series of religious ideologies, of human hope, basic needs and of yearning faith. Their stylistic features reveal, not only the standards of human artistic achievements, but also the trends of religious variants among societies of different cultural and social backgrounds, but united in a common faith and belief.


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