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2012, x + 215pp. index, ISBN: 13; 978-93-50500002 Rs. 1200(HB)


The pioneering researches on Indonesia are mostly done by Dutch scholars who formulated various theories based on archaeological remains. Since then, a large number of new discoveries have been brought to light. The present book Recent Studies in Indonesian Archaeology includes seventeen research papers contributed by eminent scholars of Indonesia. These papers mainly focus on Balinese and Javanese archaeology.

Prehistoric evidence points to the existence of developed societies practicing ancestral worship and also engaged in regional barter trade. The megalithic study reveals prevalence of homogenous culture continuing from Sumbawa to east of Bali. International trade gained strength because of the availability of natural products. Maritime activities culminated into the development of Hindu-Buddhist culture. The Padmasana in Bali brings to light the understanding of Indian philosophy.

The sculptural analysis of the divine figures throws light on the enigmatic character of the deity. The location of the temples, especially in Central Java, is based on the geographical settings. The metal working shows elements of pre-Hindu technology. Land-ownership broaches the social and administrative system of ancient Bali. The Subak system shows continuity of Balisnese traditional social institution. The structural spatial analysis exposes the social and cultural significance of the city of the Islamic period. These pages provide the reader of the various aspects of Indonesian culture.



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