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09.01.1992 Martin Buber’s Philosophical Thesaurus by Prof. M. Friedman. Philosophy
10.01.1992 Dialogical Psycho Theraphy by Prof. M.. Friedman. Psychology
15.01.1992 Vishnu in the Archaic Cosmogony by Prof. John C. Irwin. Religion, Philosophy
20.01.1992 Biofeedback Pain Theraphy: The Healing Partnership by Dr. Aleena Friedman. Health
22.01.1992 Dialogue of Touchstones by Prof. M. Friedman.
23.01.1992 Restoring Relational Trust: The Confirmation of Otherness in family, Community and Society by Prof. M. Friedman. Anthropology, Sociology
28.01.1992 Ramayana Traditions in Southeast Asia by Prof. K.S. Srinivasan. Culture, Religion
04.02.1992 India in the Graeco-Roman Literature by Prof. G.M. Bongard Levin. Literature
21.02.1992 Maritime Routes: India and South-East Asia by Dr. I.K. Sharma. Marine Studies
24.02.1992 Palaeolithic Rock Art by Dr. M. Lorblanchet. Art, History
24.02.1992 Conceptual Plan of IGNCA on Adi Drsya Gallery – an in house discussion. Museology
25.02.1992 Methods of Studying Palaeolithic Rock Art by Dr. M. Lorblanchet. History
25.02.1992 Indo-French Project on Rock Art – an in house discussion. History
27.02.1992 Spheres of Life Inheritance, Creativity and Society by Prof. A. Rahman. Sociology
06.03.1992 Conservation of Artefacts by Dr. S.P. Singh. Museology
13.03.1992 Latest Trends in Information Technology by Prof. T. Vishwanathan. Information Science
23.03.1992 Australian Textile Artists by Ms. Pamela Gaunt. Art (Textile)
24.03.1992 Japanese Sources of Buddhist Iconography by Dr. Lokesh Chandra. Art, History, Buddhism
27.03.1992 Devotional Christian Music in Eastern India by Ms. Bulbul Sarkar. Music, Religion
07.04.1992 Textile & Women in Bhutan by Dr.(Mrs) F. Pommaret. Art(Textile), Culture
24.04.1992 Tracing Cultural Bonds between India & South East Asia by Prof. Ganganath Jha. Culture
28.04.1992 The Tradition of Architectural Treaties in Europe by Prof. Francoise Choay. Architecture
30.04.1992 Must Time have a stop by Dr. Rajendra Verma.
29.05.1992 Flural Society and Cultural change: some reflections by Prof. B.K. Jain. Culture
10.06.1992 An Anthropologist among Pukhtuns: Encounters with Badshah Khan’s Khudai Khidmatgars by Ms. Mukulika Banerjee. Anthropology Politics
15.06.1992 Aesthetic Experience in Literature by Prof. R.S. Nagar. Literature
19.06.1992 Conservation of Artefacts by Dr. S.P. Singh Museology
02.07.1992 The Imperial Caves at Ajanta: The Apogee of the Golden Age by Prof. Walter M. Spink. History, Art
03.07.1992 Group discussions on Ajanta Caves by Prof. Walter M. Spink. History, Art
07.07.1992 Central Himalayan Folk Musical Instruments of Garwal by Shri Chander Singh Rahi. Music
10.07.1992 Technique of Sanskrit Tibetan Translation in Stangyur and Bkahyur by Dr. Ratna Basu. Language, Buddhism
24.07.1992 The Indigenization of the Rama Story in the Philippines by Prof. J.R. Francisco. Culture
29.07.1992 Aesthetics of Vedic Sacrifices by Dr. Usha Choudhary. Religion, Art
10.08.1992 An African Writer’s Visiion of the New Africa by the Year 2000 by Prof. J.D.Atukwei Okai. Literature
12.08.1992 The Valmiki Ramayana and the Cultural Integration of India by Prof. R.P. Goldman. Culture, Sociology
18.08.1992 Sigiriya and Garden concept in Sri Lanka by Dr. Osmund Bopearchchi. Culture
19.08.1992 Modern Sensibility in Sanskrit Poetry by Dr. R.K. Sharma. Literature
25.08.1992 Traditions of Gharanas in Indian Classical Music by Dr. Raghava R. Menon. Music
28.08.1992 Casuality by Prof. E.C.G. Sudarshan. Health
10.09.1992 Indian Textiles and their Ritual Use by Ms. Jasleen Dhamija. Art (Textile)
21.09.1992 Why do we need Semoitics by Prof. Paul Bouissac. Linguistics
22.09.1992 The Notion of Semoitics Literacy by Prof. Paul Bouissac. Linguistics
23.09.1992 What is a Bad Performance: Semiotic Diagnosis by Prof. Paul Bouissac. Linguistics
24.09.1992 Mountains, Rivers, and Siva in Text, Architecture and Ritual by Dr. Anne Feldhaus. Art, History
28.09.1992 Visvarupa: Image and Concept by Prof. T.S. Maxwell. Art, Philosophy
09.10.1992 The king and the Goddess : The festival of Dussehra in Jodhpur by Dr (Mrs) Anne Vergati. Religion, Culture
12.10.1992 Challenges to Western Thought by Prof. Akos Ostor. Sociology
19.10.1992 Epigraphy and Art by Prof. B.N. Mukherjee. History , Art
26.10.1992 Audio-Visual Presentation on Sri Venkateswara Suprabhattam by Shri Janardana Rao and Group. Philosophy
27.10.1992 Art of Central Asia Chinese Turkistan by Dr. P. Banerjee. Art
30.10.1992 Audio-Visual Presentation on Sundarakanda of Valmiki Ramayana by Shri Janardana Rao and Group. Literature
05.11.1992 Brick temples of Bengal and Terracota decoration by Shri S.N. Mitra. Art, Architecture
06.11.1992 Temples of Bishnupur by Shri S.N. Mitra. Art History
13.11.1992 Sacrificial Meaning of the Mahisamardini by Prof. Gian Giuseppe Filippi. Archaeology, Religion
24.11.1992 The Ramayanas in Persian by Prof. A.W. Azhar. Literature
03.12.1992 Adhyatma Ramayana Abhinaya by Smt. S. Manikyamma.

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