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04.01.1993 Some Aspects of Japanese Culture by Dr. Brij Tankha Culture
06.01.1993 The Way of Replenishment by Prof. Satish Kumar. Environment
10.01.1993 Sacred Geometry by Prof. J. M. Malville.
15.01.1993 Symbolism and Concepts of Space and Time in Music: India & West by Dr. Robert Gottlieb. Music
28.01.1993 An Appraisal of Santhal Community by Dr. N. Hembram. Anthropology
02.02.1993 Some Aspects of Mughal Paintings by Dr. M. Riad El. Etr. Painting
08.02.1993 Sacred Secularity by Prof. R. Panikkar.
15.02.1993 Mathematics in Kathak by Ms. Anjani Ambegaokar. Dance
18.02.1993 New Rock Art Discoveries in Alpine Range by Dr.Angelo Fossati. Art , History
22.02.1993 Kingship and Regional Society in India: Ethno-Historic of Garhwal by Prof. Jean-Claude Gailey. Culture, Anthropology
05.03.1993 Ethno-Archaeological Approach to the Study of Pre-Historic Life Patterns by Dr(Mrs) Francoise Audo. Archaeology, History
12.03.1993 Modern Materials Science Research in India and in Europe: Some Observations of a Physicist visiting India by Prof. E. Gmelin. Science
29.03.1993 Myths and Symbols of the Gathas of Zarathushtra the Prophet of Ancient Iran by Mrs. Piloo Jungalwalla. Literature, Religion
12.04.1993 Man in Search of his Place in the Universe: Two Megaliths from Kumaon by Dr. M. Vannucci. Art , History
16.04.1993 India’s Contribution to the Development of Indo-Persian Literature by Prof. A.W. Azhar. Literature
26.04.1993 Daruma – A Tale of an Indian Buddhist Monk in Japanese Culture by Prof. S.B. Verma. Literature, Religion Buddhism
11.05.1993 Religion as an Ideal System: It’s Role in Civilization Building by Dr. Dawa Norbu. Religion, sociology
21.05.1993 Structural Approaches to Analysis of Rock Art in Australia by Dr. M.J. Morwood. Art, History
24.05.1993 Punjabi Sufi Poets by Shri Rakshat Puri. Literature, Philosophy
05.07.1993 Interaction in Architecture of India and Central Asia during the Medieval Period by Dr. W.H. Siddiqiui Architecture
13.07.1993 Comparative Study on Neolithic Cultures of Eastern India and South-East Asia by Dr. D.P. Sharma. History
19.07.1993 Narration in Folk Embroidery: a case study by Mrs. C.S. Gupta. Art, Semiotics
23.07.1993 The Contribution of Matanga’s Treatise Brhaddese to Ancient Indian Musical Though tby Dr. PremLata Sharma. Music
26.07.1993 East India Company and the Painters of Tamil Nadu 1600-1800 by Dr. I.Job Thomas. Art, History
27.07.1993 Textual Tradition of Indian Dance by Dr. R. Sathyanaryana. Dance, Literature
16.08.1993 The Idea of Dance in the Sanskritic Tradition by Dr. Mandkranta Bose. Dance
27.08.1993 The Third China Art Festival, 1992 by Ms. Komala Varadan. Art (Chinese)
16.09.1993 The Present Status and the Future Prospects of Indian South Africans by Shri J.R. Hiremath. Sociology, Politics
20.09.1993 The Implicit and the Manifest in Indian Art and Culture by Dr. Jyotindra Jain. Art, Culture
23.09.1993 Repositioning the Body, Practice, Power and self in Kalarippayattu by Prof. Phillip Zarrilli. Dance
06.10.1993 Indian Influence in Indonesian Culture by Dr. Edi Sedyawati. Culture
07.10.1993 Music Beyond Apartheid by Prof. Denis-Constant Mratin. Music, Sociology
18.10.1993 In an Around the great Pagodas of Burma by Prof. Ranjit Roy Choudhary. Culture, Architecture
08.12.1993 Saivagamas in South India by Dr. Pierre Filliozat.
10.12.1993 The Influence of Ramayana on Thai Literature & Thai Art. Literature
14.12.1993 Masked Theatre of Bali: Masks, Text and Cosmos by Mr. John Emigh.
17.12.1993 Rethinking Raja Ravi Verma by Ms. Geeta Kapoor. Paintings
20.12.1993 Women’s Writing in India by Dr. K. Satchidanandan. Literature
24.12.1993 Buddhist Devotional Hymns with Referencfe to Iconography by Ms. Ratna Basu. Literature, Art History, Buddhism

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