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07.01.1994 William Blake : Prophetic Voice of England by Dr. Kathleen Raine. Literature
10.01.1994 Once upon a time: on the structure of visual narratives in Indian Art by prof. Vidya Dehejia. Art History
12.01.1994 The Orissan Theatrical Tradition of Prahlada Nataka by Prof. John Emigh. Theatre
18.01.1994 The relationship between Man and Nature as Articulated in his Built Environment by Ms. Mona Madan. Environment
02.02.1994 Shadow Theatre Traditions in Indonesia by Mr.Harun Sudhirohusodo. Theatre(Puppetery)
07.02.1994 The Shadow Theatre Traditions in India by Shri Jiwan Pani. Theatre(Puppetery)
10.02.1994 Lithography and its Impact on Indian Book Design by Mr. G.W. Shaw. Art(Design & Printing)
14.02.1994 The notice of Anityata and some aspects of Buddhist Art in India by Prof. Deepa Nag. Art History, Buddhism
17.02.1994 Depiction of Ramayana in Chandi Prambhanan, Central Java. Literature
01.03.1994 The Tantrik Traditions – A legitimate child of Vedic parentage by Prof. Samarendra Saraf. Philosophy
04.03.1994 Harmony with Nature through Primordial Yoga in Ancient Tibetain Spiritual Tradition by Prof. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Health, Philosophy
11.03.1994 Restoration work at Victoria Memorial by Mr.Rupert Featherstone. Museology, Conservation
17.03.1994 The Oldest pali Manuscript by Prof. Gustav Roth. Literature
21-22.3.1994 Herbal Medicine for Human Health by Prof. Ranjit Roy Choudhari. Medicine, Health
23.03.1994 Bhramar Geet: Lecture-demo by Prof. Premlata Sharma & Dr. Rajana Srivastava. Dance, Literature
30.03.1994 Vaikuntha and Visvarupa by Prof. T.S. Maxwell . Art History
08.04.1994 Indian Astronomical and Time Measuring Instruments: A Catalogue in Preparation by Dr. S.R. Sarma. Astronomy
01.04.1994 Tribal Art in Changing Situation by Prof. Sankho Choudhari. Anthropology (Tribal Studies)
21.04.1994 Recent Excavation at Harappa by Prof. Richard H. Meadow. Archaeology
22.04.1994 IGNCA Library and its facilities: a Professional point of view by Ms Kanta Bhatia. Library Science
25.04.1994 Holistic Health: A Journey from Inner to Outer by Dr. Vinod Verma. Health
28.04.1994 Nayanar Bhakti Poetry and the Chola Temple: Text and Context by Dr. R. Champaka lakshmi. Art History, Literature
05.05.1994 Art of Power, Power of Art: Naga Wooden Effigies in Cult Format by Dr. A.K. Das. Anthropology (Tribal Studies)
13.05.1994 The excavation at Jhiri Rock Shelter by Dr. A.K. Sharma. Archaeology
20.05.1994 Art & Individuality: An Iranian Perspective by Dr. Amir H. Zekrgoo. Art, Philosophy
23.05.1994 Culture & Development by Mr. Ismail Serageldin. Culture
03.06.1994 Fairs in the Russian Empire by Dr. Arup Banerji. Culture, Economics
13-14.6.1994 Kashmir & Harappa: Sound Image by Shri G.R. Santosh. Painting
29.06.1994 European Influence on Mughal Paintings by Prof. Supriya Kartha. Painting
05.07.1994 Jaipur through Ages by Dr. Y. Sahai. Culture, Museology
11.07.1994 A dream worth a thousand words by Ms Anjali Hazarika. Psychology
14.07.1994 Ritvijon ka Arth, Yogta Avum Kaar (Hindi) by Dr. N.D. Sharma. Religion, Philosophy
27.07.1994 Tools, Time, Language and Evolution by Dr. D.P. Agarwal.
12.08.1994 Conservation of Oil Paintings by Shri K.K. Gupta. Painting
23.08.1994 A Glimpse of the Himalayas: Kailash Manas by Shri Deb Mukherji. Photography
06.09.1994 Life and Culture of the Indians in the Caribean by Prof. Brinsky Samroo. Anthropology
06.09.1994 Politics of Love in German Folk Songs by Dr. Sadhana Naithani. Culture, Literature
14.09.1994 The Culture of Minicoy, Lakashwadeep by Ali Manikfan. Anthropology
16.09.1994 Aspects of Presenting Music in Visual Form by Shri S.V. Vadnerkar. Music
20.09.1994 Taj and Its Ecology in Historical Context by Prof. Javed Ashraf. History, Ecology, Architecture
19.10.1994 ‘Buddhism in the background of Vedic Tradition by Pt. Satkari Mukhopadhayaya. Philosophy
21.10.1994 Ladakh: Rock of the Ages by Shri Sharat Kumar. Photography
27.10.1994 Cham Temples of Vietnam by Shri J.C. Sharma. Architecture
08.11.1994 Dhvani according to different systems of Indian Philosophy. Philosophy
15.11.1994 Dun Huang: a discussion by Prof. Tan Chung and Shri M.N. Deshpande. Art, History, Painting
21.11.1994 The Idea of Indian Literature by Prof. Indranath Choudhuri. Literature
25.11.1994 Neem the Miracle Tree: Scientific Studies and Medical Applications by Dr. G.P. Talwar. Medicine, Health
02.12.1994 Possessing the Devi: Religious Experience and Economic Practice among a Bardic Caste of Rajasthan by Dr. Jeff Snodgrass. Culture, Economics
06.12.1994 Changing Spatial Perception and Traditions of Philosophy: the case of Cubism by Prof. R. Nandakumar. Philosophy
12.12.1994 Kalyanasundaramurti: the Sacred Marriage of God Siva by Prof. Marianne Yaldiz. Art, History
14.12.1994 Plants in our Culture by Prof. H.Y. Mohanram. Botony, Culture
22.12.1994 Sound (Dhvani) as in Thought and Belief with Speical Reference to Kashmir by Dr. A. Kaul. Philosophy

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