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13.01.1995 Garuda in Thai Art by Dr. Neeru Misra. Art, History
20.01.1995 Architectural Anthropology by Dr. Nohd Egenter. Architecture, Anthropology
25.01.1995 Computers and Art by Dr Gursharan Sidhu. Art & Management
21.02.1995 Women Directing by Ms Kirti Jain. Theatre
24.02.1995 Laban movement: An Analysis and its Application to Bharatanatyam by Dr. Parul Shah. Dance
10.03.1995 Brahmavadya in relation to Ragas and Talas by Shri Babulal Verma. Music
14.03.1995 Creativity and my Religion by Shri Raghu Rai. Photography
24.03.1995 Therapeutic Values of Indian Classical Dance by Smt. Kanak Sudhakar. Dance, Health
30.03.1995 Sastra and Prayoga in Music by Dr. Sumati Mutatkar. Musicology
03.04.1995 Threads of Identity: Embroidery and Adornment of the Rabaris by Ms. Judy Frater Art, Anthropology
06.04.1995 Russian History & Culture between 19-20th Century by Prof. M.K. Palat. Culture
24.04.1995 The Asiatic Society and the Making of India’s History by Dr. O.P. Kejriwal. History
28.04.1995 Who is Prince Vikramaditya’s father? Symbolism in Sivadasa’s Vetalapancavimsatika by Ms. Chandra Rajan. Literature
10.05.1995 Cataloguing & Retrieval System of Microfilms by Dr. Sampat Narayan. Library & Information Science
22.05.1995 Astronomical Time by Dr. Nirupama Raghav. Astronomy
23.05.1995 Quality Management-I by Basant Kumar. Management
24.05.1995 Quality Management-II by Basant Kumar. Management
06.06.1995 Chaturvedi Collection inhouse discussion by Shri Parmanand and Shri K.K. Pandey. Library & Information Science
08.06.1995 Ancient Egypt by Prof. Lowry Burgess. Architecture, Anthropology
14.06.1995 Shastrachar & Lokachar by Shri Ramakar Pant. Anthropology
28.06.1995 Hills of Kumaon by Mr. William Winans. Photography
30.06.1995 Renunciation from Below by Dr. Vinay K. Srivastava. Anthropology
07.07.1995 Police and the Citizen by Shri Ved Marwah. Culture & Management
28.07.1995 Time, Immortality and the New Physics by Shri C.K. Raju. Physics
09.08.1995 Cataloguing & Retrieval System by Dr. Madhu Sharma and Shri A.P. Gakhar. Library & Information Science
23.08.1995 Primal Ecology – I by Dr. Madhu Khanna. Environment
30.08.1995 Primal Ecology – II by Dr. Madhu Khanna. Environment
06.09.1995 Cataloguing and Retrieval System of Slides by Shri A.N. Sharma. Library & Information Science
11.09.1995 The Renaissance Mind by Dr. Utpal K. Banerjee. Culture & Management
20.09.1995 Seed and the Earth by Shri Rajendra Rajan Chaturvedi. Ecolology & Culture
22.09.1995 Origin & Development of Buddhist Jataka Stories by Pt. S. Mukhopadhyaya. Philosophy
26.09.1995 Tantra Tradition in Nepal by Dr. Mark Dyczkowski. Philosophy
06.10.1995 Master Painters in Chamba(HP) by Dr. Eberherd Fischer. Painting
11.10.1995 Gandhiji’s Environmentalism by Dr. T.N. Khoshoo. Environment
18.10.1995 Towards a Civilizational Understanding by Prof. Tan Chung. Culture & Civilization
03.11.1995 Australian Contemporary Textile By Ms. Pamela Gaunt. Art(Textiles)
08.11.1995 Art of Vietnam & Cambodia By Dr. Bachan Kumar. Art
13.11.1995 Conceptualising the World: Implication for Social Theory and Research by Prof. T.K. Oommen. Sociology
16-18.11.95 India China : Looking at each other By Prof. Tan Chung. Civilization
01-12-1995 Maulana Daud and Candayan By Prof. Shyam Manohar Pandey. Literature
24-12-1995 Lecture demo :Traditional & Contemporary Dance of Japan by Prof. Sumio Mori Miri. Theatre, Dance

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