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10-12-01.96 Lecture-cum-seminar on VAK by Prof. R. Panikkar. Language
17-01-1996 Uttaranchal : An Artist’s View by Mr. William Winans. Photography
09-02-1996 In a blue-snowy dream world – a Pilgrimage to Kailash-Mansarovar in Western Tibet By Shri Shekhar Pathak. Painting
15-02-1996 Tagore, the first Indian Expressionist Painter. By Smt. Jayashree Sengupta. Civilization
01-03-1996 India-China: Looking at each other by Prof. Huang Chih Lian & Prof. C.V. Ranganathan.  
08-03-1996 Shankara’s Message. Is it the devotion of a Jnani or the wisdom of a Bhakta by Prof. V.Krishnamurthy. Philosophy
12-03-1996 Documenting the Musical Traditions By Prof. Wolfgang Laade Music
14-03-1996 European Scientific Revolution & its Asian Background by Prof. Fritz Staal. Science & Culture
20-03-1996 Universality of Message in Sikh Scriptures By Harnam Singh Shan. Philosophy, Literature
03-04-1996 Understanding Asia: Discourse & Perception on Shelley’s ‘Prometheus Unbound’ By Dr. Balachandra Rajan. Literature
24-04-1996 Recent Excavation in Harappa By Richard Meadows & Jonathan Mark Kenoyer. Archaeology
08-05-1996 Omkareshwar Temples by Shalini K. Dasgupta. Architecture
17-05-1996 Nataraja in Bengal by Dr. Mahua Mukherjee. Dance
21-05-1996 Lec-Demo on Internet by Dr. Sugata Mitra. Computer Science
22-05-1996 Dance Through the Lens-Eye by Ms. Kamalini Dutt. Dance, Media
06-06-1996 Lecture demo : Durupad se khayaal tak (Hindi) By Smt. Satya Bhargava. Music
27-06-1996 Indian Art & Aesthetics: Shri Aurobindo overview by Prof. Rama Ranjan Mukherjee. Philosophy
04-07-1996 Computer Vision-Integration, Evaluation & Application by Dr. A.K. Jain. Computer Science
10-07-1996 Natural Heritage: Crisis & Prospects By Dr. Ashish Kothari. Conservation
22-07-1996 The Present & Future of Art and Design: East and West by Prof. Jon Meyer. Art
26-07-1996 Life, Contribution and Influence of Sri Sri Sarada Ma on the growth of Ramakrishna Mission. Philosophy
13-08-1996 Cultural Community and the State By Ashis Banerjee Conservation
23-08-1996 Education and development of disciplines: Crisis of University Education by Dr. Parthasarthi Banerji. Education
29-08-1996 Shadows: The ontology of contoured darkness By Prof. Arindam Chakravarty Art & Philosophy
04-09-1996 Lec-Demo : Masks by Mr. Michael Meske. Art, theatre
20-09-1996 Shakuntala Aur Mahabharat ka Satya (Hindi) by Dr. Namvar Singh. Literature, Sociology
23-09-1996 Marine Environment by Dr. B.R. Subramaniam. Oceanography
08-10-1996 Spread of Tantra in Asia By Dr. Suniti Kumar Pathak. Philosophy
08-11-1996 Recent archaeological investigations in Trans Ghaghra planes by Shri B.R. Mani. Archaeology
15-11-1996 The celebration of failure as dissent in Urdu gazal by Prof. Harbans Mukhia. Literature
04-12-1996 Comparative Study of Sangitanarayana and Nrityanarayana by Dr. Mandakranta Bose. Music, Dance, Literature
09-12-1996 Choreography and the Knowledge of the body By Ms. Heide-Marie Haertel. Dance
17-12-1996 Rock of Ages: Superimposition in Western Tibetan Petroglyphs by Prof. Robert N. Linrothe Art, History
30-12-1996 Bumbling Kings and Trickster Goddess in North Indian Epic Dhola by Prof. Susan S. Wadley. Literature, Culture


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