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07-01-1997 Culture change and the Performing Arts Traditions in Contemporary Greece: Some Ethnographic Examples by Dr. Paulos Kavouras Theatre
10-01-1997 Transfer of Merit in Hindu Literature & Religion by Prof. Minoru Hara. Literature, Philosophy
14-01-1997 Advaita and I-sense By Prof. Rama Murti Sharma Philosophy
31-01-1997 Myths & Symbols in Chinese Art By Ms. Terese Tse Bartholomew. Art
19-02-1997 Role of Culture in India – South East Asia Relations by Prof. Baladas Ghoshal. Culture
25-02-1997 Ancient Greek & Indian Theatre: Why a Comparision? By Prof. Bharat Gupt Theatre
06-03-1997 The Concept of Time & Season in Hindustani Ragas: An ethnomusicological approach By Smt. Vijay Bazaz Razdan. Music
13-03-1997 Symbols for Communication By Dr. A.B. Manakapure Art
26-03-1997 Origin of Indian Science By Dr. Subhash C. Kak Science
03-04-1997 The role of Creativity, Economics & Education in Building a Value-system by Shri Neville Tuli. Art
24-04-1997 Tradition of the Divine Kingship in Uttarakhand by Dr. William S. Sax Philosophy
29-04-1997 Difference in Pronounciation in Vedic Chanting by Pt. Satkari Mukhopadhayaya Art, Philosophy
06-05-1997 Manuscript, ayurveda and problematizing the History of Indian Science by Dr. Dominik Wujastyk Art & Science
09-05-1997 The Literature of/and Modernity: a few problems in an Indian Literature by Prof. G.P. Deshpande Literature
12-05-1997 Art East/West 2000; an artists view of the role of the Arts in consciousness in traditional & contemporary culture by Prof. Peter Gin Art(Painting)
20-05-1997 Literary Inputs in Kathak By Ms Shovana Narayan Dance & Literature
10.6.1997 Art & Culture in Sri Harsh’s Nai Sadhiyarcaritam by Prof. Chandika Prasad Shukla. Literature
19.06.1997 Latest Findings from Dholavira by Dr. R.S. Bisht
23.06.1997 Culture Categories of Space and Time among the Gaddis of Bharmour by Dr. Molly Kaushal. Anthropoloy
07.07.1997 Vishnu Shastra Namstroat Mein Aaye Hue Prateek Naamon Ki Darshanik Vyakhaya(Hindi) By Prof. Aditya Prasad Mishra. Literature
21.07.1997 Fresh Evidence on the Terracotta Art of Ancient Bengal by Prof. Inamul Haque. Art (Pottery)
24.07.1997 In light of Coomarswamy’s Yakshas: Token of Sacred Space in the US Domestic Landscape By Paul c. Schroeder Philosophy, Sociology
30-07-1997 The Spirit and Inspiration in the Music of Ustad Bade Gulam Ali Khan by Smt. Malti Gilani Music
26-08-1997 Indian Theatre & American Scholarship: Accomplishments and Problems By Prof. R. Schechner Theatre
10-09-1997 ‘Gayaki Ang on the Veena ‘by Smt. S. Rajagopalan Music
24.09.1997 Social Ideas in the Bhagavadgita Dr. Vivekanand Jha Sociology, Philosophy
29.09.1997 Hindi Sahitya Mein Sanjhi Sanskrit (Hindi) Dr. Abdul Bismillah Literature
17.10.1997 Indra’s Cunning: The Challenge of Modernity in the case of India by Prof. Raimon Panikkar. Philosophy
21.10.1997 Multimedia Content & Application By Dr. Saskia Kevseboom Computer Science
24.10.1997 The Bronze Age World Dr. Shereen Ratnagar History
11.11.1997 The Aesthetics and vocabulary of Nakshi Kanthas by Dr. Parveen Ahmed. Art (Embroidery)
20.11.1997 Torrance Phenomenon: Extended Creative Search for Lord Vishwakarma by Dr. M.K. Raina. Philosophy
02.12.1997 The Laksansamuccya of Vairolani and Medieval Architecture of Kalinga by Prof. M.A. Dhaky. Architecture.
18.12.1997 Radha & Krishna Myth: A Jungian Psychological by Mrs. Rashna Imhasly. Religion, Psychology


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