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12.01.1998 India’s Spritual Culture and the New World Order by Dr. Alexander Jacob Philosophy
05.02.1998 ‘Devdasi’ a CD Rom Presentation Culture / Religion
12.02.1998 Buddhist Text from Eastern Turkestan By Prof. G.M. Bongard Levin Philosophy, Literature
20.03.1998 Folk Instruments of Punjab: An Ethnographic Study by Dr. Alka Pande Music
30.03.1998 to 02.04.1998 Art and Patronage in Sixteenth Century India By Dr. George Michell History, Arhitecture
01.05.1998 Srotyag Mei Agnihotra Ka Sthan (Hindi) By Prof. Hari Govind Ranade Philosophy/Religion Culture
05.05.1998 Introduction of African Art By Mrs. Umebe N. Onyejekwe Art
06.05.1998 Various Art Cultures of West Africa: An Appraisal by Mrs. Umebe N. Onyejekwe Art
21.05.1998 Natyashastra by Dr. Premlata Sharma Dance
28.05.1998 Cosmic Life Sciences and the Human Mind by Shri P.K. Churamani. Philosophy
06.08.1998 Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Pakistan by Prof. Farzand Durrani. Archaeology
21.08.1998 Technological Development and its Social requirements in the case of Japan. The Problem of Pollution in Japan by Prof. Satoshi Ihara Environment
28.09.1998 Ladakh by Christian Huczantis Photography
06.10.1998 The Future of Multimedia in Arts and Humanities by Dr. R. Narasimhan Art & Computer
09.10.1998 Uniqueness of Patiala Kasur Gharana in Indian Classical Music by Shri Jawaad and Mazhar Ali Khan. Music
14.10.1998 Vedic Model for Indian Economic Development by Shri V.R. Panchmukhi Religion & Economy
29.10.1998 Spirituality and Sustainability by Dr. Kamla Chowdhry Culture & Development
18.11.1998 Genesis of Indian Culture and Civilization by Shri Manohar Kaul Culture & Art
11.12.1998 Racism, Slavery & Swedenburg Thought by Dr. Anders Hellengren. Culture, Philosophy
16.12.1998 Satyajit Ray’s Devi: The Father-Son Debate by Prof. Dilip Basu. Theatre, Culture
30.12.1998 Comparative Study between the Greek Dance of the muses and the Art of Musika by Ms Leda Shantala. Dance


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