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12.01.1999 Nyaya Perspective of the Philosophy of Language: Knowing it Second-hand by Prof. P.K. Mukhopadhayaya. Language
28.01.1999 The Urban-Rural Dichotomy: Western Science and Rural Worldviews in a Structurally Comparative Perspective by Prof. Nold Egenter. Culture
02.02.1999 Sangitopanisatsaroddhara by Dr. Allen Miuel Music
12.02.1999 Wheel of Life by Dr. Nawang Tsering. Buddhism
18.02.1999 Madhyamika System by Dr. Lobzang Tserwangs. Buddhism
25.02.1999 Mahayana Buddhism by Shri Tashi Rabgias. Buddhism
20.05.1999 The Feminine Presence in Santhal Worldview and Life by Dr. Madhu Khanna. Culture , Women
22.06.1999 Rajasthan mein Jal Sangrah Ki Parampara (Hindi) by Shri Anupam Misra Water Harvesting Ecology, Culture


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