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Project ‘Mausam’- Mausam/ Mawsim: Maritime Routes and Cultural Landscapes
Research Programme 2014 to 2019


Project Mausam Monthly Lecture Series

  • 28th January 2017 - Symposium on Maritime Heritage of Indian Coastline and its Potential under Project Mausam.  Venue: IGNCA Auditorium, Central Vista Mess, Janpath, New Delhi-110001.  Time:  from 10.15 A.M. to 01.30 PM

  • 25th July 2016 - Under Project Mausam, lecture on Impact of Bharat on Business of Countries around Hind Mahasagar by Shri Sandeep Singh.
    Much before the word Globalisation or Colonisation were coined, Bharat had business relations with nations across the world and it impacted their business positively and still does. Business relationship between Bharat and nations around Hind Mahasagar was always emotional rather than strategic and still is. 
    Venue : IGNCA Lecture Room, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi.   Time : 5.00pm    Contact No. : 23388155

  • 22nd June 2016 - Lecture on Sailing the Indian Ocean: The Seafarers of Kachchh by Dr. Chhaya Goswami, Mumbai. Venue : IGNCA Lecture Room, 11 Man Singh Road, New Delhi.  Time : 4.30pm.  Contact No. : 011-23388155/23388329

  • 31st May 2016 - Under Project Mausam, lecture on Cunninghams Lost Treasures by Dr.Sanjay Garg, Deputy Director, National Archives, New Delhi. Venue : IGNCA Lecture Room, 11 Man Singh Road, New Delh. Contact No. : 9899992018

  • 24th May 2016 - Under Project Mausam, lecture on Trading in Stories by Ms. Sumedha Verma Ojha ( LSR Alumna, Author and Speaker on Ancient Indian History, Religion and Philosophy). Venue: IGNCA Lecture Room , 11 Man Singh Road, New Delhi. Time : 5.00p.m.  Contact No.: 9899992018

  • 10th May 2016 - Lecture on Role of Sea Level Fluctuations in Shaping the Destiny of Ancient Towns along the Indian Coastline by Dr. Rajiv Nigam, Senior Scientist, NIO, Goa. Venue: Lecture Room , 11 Man Singh Road, New Delhi. Time : 5.00p.m. Contact No.: 9899992018

  • 29th March 2016 - Under Project Mausam Lecture Series, a lecture by Dr. Kurush Dalal, Director Chandore Excavations, Centre for Archaeology, University of Mumbai. Venue : IGNCA Lecture Room, Ground Floor, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi. Time : 4.00pm.  Contact No. : 23388155

  • 25th February 2016 - Under Mausam Project Lecture Series, a lecture on Climate Change and the Oceans by Shri S.W.A. Naqvi, Director, National Institute of Oceanography, Goa. Venue : IGNCA Lecture Room, Ground Floor, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi Time : 5.00pm   Contact No. : 23388155

  • 16th February 2016 - Maritime Routes and Cultural Landscapes - Initiative by ASI and IGNCA.   Venue: kanheri Caves, Mumbai

  • 9th February 2015 - Lecture "Emporiums of Indian Ocean Trade, witnessed by the Java Sea Shipwrecks of the 9th and 10th Centuries" by Dr. John Guy, South and Southeast Asia, Department of Asian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art under Mausam Project Lecture Series. Venue : Auditorium, C.V.Mess, IGNCA, New Delhi - 01. Time : 5.00 pm

  • 30th December 2014 - Lecture "Maritime Trade and Cultural Exchanges within the Indian Ocean : India and Sri Lanka" by Dr. Osmund Bopearachchi, Numismatics and Archaeology Expert in the Indian Ocean Region under Mausam Project Lecture Series. Venue : Lecture Room, 11, Mansingh Road, IGNCA, New Delhi. Time : 5.00pm

  • 17th - 19th November, 2014
    Project Mausam National Conference in Kochi, Kerala

    The First National Conference of 'Project Mausam' on the Indian Ocean Region: 'Cultural Landscapes and Maritime Trade Routes of India' was organized at the Bolgatty Palace, Kochi, Kerala from 17th - 19th November, 2014. Organized by ASI, in association with the Kerala State Tourism, the objectives of the conference were i) to review existing data under the categories of 'Indian Ocean Region', 'Coastal Cultural landscapes', and 'Monsoon', ii) to review archaeological sites (excavated/unexcavated) as potential sites for transnational nomination and iii) to provide recommendations for the framework, themes and resource persons for the proposed Project Mausam International Conference.

    Joint Secretary, IGNCA made a presentation about the existing IGNCA projects and resources that are related to the broad themes of the Project.

  • 29th October 2014 - A lecture by Prof. Abdulaziz Lodi, title "Early Globalisation in the Indian Ocean World".  Venue : Lecture Room, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi  Time : 5.00 p.m.

  • 22nd September 2014 - Stallions of the Indian Ocean: Global Horse Trade in 16th Century Vijayanagara By Dr. Srinivas Reddy, Asstt. Professor, South Asian Studies, IIT - Gandhinagar

  • 31st July 2014Great Stupa at Amaravati in coastal Andhra and the Indian Ocean World by Dr. Akira Shimada, State University of New York, New Paltz

  • 4th June 2014 - Neglected and Forgotten: Indo-European Defense Architecture in North Konkan (1510 - 1818 A.D.) with special reference to the Vasai and Revdanda Forts by Mayur Babulal Thakare, Circle Officer Former Competent Authority Office (For Archaeological Survey of India, Mumbai Circle)

  • 16th May 2014 - Commerce and the Cult of Khizr: The Sacred Geography of Healing in the Indian Ocean World by Lauren Minsky, New York University, Abu Dhabi.

  • 25th April 2014 - Project ‘Mausam’ -- talk on ‘The Coastal Sites: Possible Port Towns of the Harappan Period in Gujarat’ by Dr. Y.S. Rawat, Director, Gujarat State Department of Archaeology.

Venue: Conference Room I, India International Centre (IIC), New Delhi Time: 6.30 p.m.



  • 8th February 2016 to 30th March 2016 - Africans in India: A Rediscovery: A travelling exhibition that retraces the lives and achievements of some of the talented and prominent Africans of yesterday who became an integral part of the socio-cultural heritage of India.

    Visitors' Lobby of UN headquarters
    1st Avenue and 46th street,
    New York.


International Conferences

February 2015

  • Theme: Great Centres of Learning: Knowledge Societies and the Making of the Indian Ocean region.
    This workshop proposes to focus on great centres of learning in the Afro-Asian world and their function in creating syncretic forms of religious and secular knowledge in the Indian Ocean region (IOR). Some of the centres that may be considered include Hellenistic Alexandria & Synagogue at Fustat or Old Cairo in Egypt; Aden in Yemen; Bhadresvara/ Mt. Abu in Gujarat; Nagapattinam - Brihadisvara in Thanjavur; Jambi on the Sumatran coast; Kedah on the west coast of Malaysia, etc.

  • Anticipated outcome: Development of a Road Map for Trans-national nomination and formation of Working Group/s to work on identifying and researching sites associated with the theme.

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Kerala Tourism and Archaeological Survey of India


Project Mausam launch at the 38th session of the UNESCO World Heritage session in Doha, Qatar


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