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The Cultural Informatics Laboratory (CIL), a Multimedia Research Centre, was established in 1994 with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) assisted multimedia documentation project titled “Strengthening National Facility for Interactive Multimedia Documentation of Cultural Resources”. Through the modern multimedia technology, IGNCA demonstrates the manner in which cultural heritage can be recreated virtually, so as to present and communicate the holistic vision of India.

Amongst the areas where the projects have broken new grounds are the creation of synergies between the disciplines of art and information technology leading to usage, development and demonstration of new technology and cultural documentation. This enabled the IGNCA to bring together scholarship and technology for facilitating communication in a modern world. The symbiosis of experts from the subjects extending from the archaeology, architecture, epigraphy, Sanskrit, rituals, photography and computer science on one platform, is the biggest achievement.

Under proper guidance from the subject experts, the team became trained in Interactive-multimedia-documentation and in-depth analysis of cultural information. New design-models, development-processes and reusable software tools, specially targeted at high-quality multimedia content-creation, have been conceived, evolved and applied in projects. Several projects have been initiated engaging a multi-disciplinary team of national and international scholars, computer scientists and designers. Our past legacy and vigorous present is captured in this lab in a computer-generated multimedia CDs/DVDs. These CDs/DVDs presents the content exploration systems to intensify cultural learning and visualisation.

The IGNCA initiated five very complex multimedia programs. These are :
1. Tanjavur Bṛhadīśvara Temple : A UNESCO World Heritage Monument from Tamil Nadu
Gīta Govinda: The Painting, the Music and the Dance
Devanārāyaṇa: An Oral Epic of Rajasthan
Agnicayana: A Vedic Ritual, and
Viśvarūpa: A Cosmic Form of Lord Viṣṇu

Interactive multimedia DVD on Tanjavur Bṛhadīśvara Temple was completed and released on 6th December 2013 by Shri Jairam Ramesh, Hon'ble Union Minister for Rural Development.

Multimedia Presentation on Gīta Govinda was released on 27th May 2015 by Shri. Jawhar Sircar, CEO, Prasar Bharati

The following interactive multimedia CDs/DVDs have also been released:
Mukteśvara Temple: A Twelfth-century Temple at Caudadanapura in North Karnataka
2. Rock Art Rock Art: The Oldest Legacy of Mankind
Ajantā: A UNESCO World Heritage Site from Maharashtra
4. Two Pilgrims:: The Life and Works of Elizabeth Sass & Elizabeth Brunners
Devadāsī Murai: Remembering Devadāsīs, and
Man & Mask: Rūpa-Pratirūpa

It also acts as a focal point of digitisation of manuscripts, slides, books, audio and video to preserve the entire repository of its present and future holdings in digital mode and to disseminate the contents in various digital formats (via Kalāsampadā and website) to the scholars, researchers and the people at large. In addition, the CIL executed several turn-key projects (in India and abroad) for cultural institutions and government departments.




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