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IGNCA faculty enriched with the joining of three Professors



Professor Indra Nath Choudhuri has joined IGNCA as head of Kala Darshan Division.  Prof. Choudhuri a known literature, has been in academics, administration and cultural diplomacy.  He taught in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bucharest Universities and was visiting Professor in many other Universities.  He was Secretary Sahitya Akademy, and Minister (Culture), Indian High Commission, London and Director, The Nehru Centre, London.  Prof. Choudhuri has authored books on Comparative Literature, poetics and Aesthetics in Hindi, English and Bengali.  He specializes in Literature, Theory, Aesthetics, Dramaturgy, Cultural and Translation studies, he has participated in a number of international seminars and conferences, in India and abroad.


Prof. G.C. Tripati is the new coordinator of the Kalakosa Division.  Prof. Tripati is a Ph.D in Vedic Mythology.  Prior to his joining IGNCA, he was the Principal of Ganganath Jha Sanskrit Research Institute, Allahabad.  He has a Dr. Phil in Indology from Albert Ludwig University, Germany and a D.Litt.  In Ancient Indian History and Culture from Allahabad University.  Prof. Tripati knows several Indian and foreign languages.  They include Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, English, German, Latin, French and Greek.  He has held senior teaching positions in several Universities in India and abroad. He has authored 21 books and published more than 80 research papers in journals.


Prof. Ranjan Bhattacharya has joined as the Head of the Janapada Sampada Division.  He retired in May as Director, Anthropological Survey of India, position he held for over nine years.  He has been with the ASI since 1973.  He had held the position of Director, Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre and Director, Raja Ram Mohan Ray Library Foundation as dual charges.  He has also taught Social Anthropology in Visva Bharti University.  Prof. Bhattacharya has specialized in Social and Cultural Anthropology.  He has authored several research articles and participated in many international seminars and conferences.  As a person who has had a vast interaction with several communities, as part of his research, Prof. Bhattacharya believes that national integration is symbolized as unity with diversity.




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