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Majestic flows Ganga: Story through the camera


Mirellille-Josephine Guezennec, Professor of Philosophy in France has travelled in India, grasping the essence of Indian culture and spirituality.  In awe of the depth and dimensions of the river Ganga and all that her waters signify in the Indian ethos, she followed the flow of Ganga from Gaumukh to Gangasagar.  Ms. Guezennec who has assumed an Indian name Himabindu put up an exhibition of her photographs.

The exhibition, hosted by the IGNCA was supported by the Uttaranchal Government.  The State's Minister for Tourism, Lt. Gen. (Retd.) T.P.S. Rawat inaugurated the exhibition on December 15.  The Cultural Attache, Embassy of France Dr. Geome Neutres was the Guest of Honour on the occasion.

Speaking about her experience she said, "the birth of Bhagirati-Ganga is one  of the greatest cosmic events."  What moved her the most was the piety and devotion attached to Ganga and the fact that she was addressed as 'Ma' (mother).

The exhibition featured not only the river and the natural scenery but the life revolving around the river.  From Gaumukh to Gangasagar, where the river merges into Bay of Bengal the story was told through the lens.  Describing the scene of Aarti at Haridwar, a ritual performed since time immemorial, Ms Guezennec said "At an hour when the sun inclines towards the horizon comes the favourite moment, the celebration of aarti.  It comes to enchant the splendor of the worthy river."



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