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Vol. I No. 1 September - November 1993

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FOCUS Seminars and Multi-Media Exhibitions on Fundamental Themes

Kham (Space),  Akara(Form), Kala Time), Prakriti (Nature and Man)

ACQUISITIONS Suniti Kumar Chatterji's Collection in Kala Nidhi
PUBLICATIONS Kalasamalocana -  Higilights on the Reprints of the work of Ananda K. Coomaraswamy
LECTURES Textual Tradition of Dance and Music
Memorial Lectures
SEMINARS What have the Arts in common
Future of the Mind: Mind of the Future
The Legacy of Raja Deen Dayal
A Glimpse into Our Heritage: Exhibition and a Seminar on Brhadisvara
Global Conference on Rock Art
EXHIBITIONS IGNCA Pays Tribute to Gandhiji...Puppet Exhibition
Deer, Early Images: India and Europe
PERSONALITY The Cosmocentric World view


List of Newsletter

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