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Foundation days Celebrated

KALA KOSA: The Foundation-Day of Kalakosa is celebrated every year on the Guru-Purnima day which is also known as Vyasa-Purnima. The importantce of Guru i.e. the preceptor or the teacher in Indian tradition can hardly be too emphasized. It is rightly believed by all Indians that no proficiency in any branch of knowledge can be achieved without the blessings of Guru-the teacher.

Toewing the theme, on the occation of Guru Purnima the Kalakosha division was launched which cetered to the need of Research and Publication of the Centre. To commemorate Vyasa-Purnima invocation song was rendered by Dr. Sanno Khurana which enthused the sacred sentiments of the audience, Sama Gana by Dr. lambordar Mishra also rent the air. Pt. Satkari Mukhopadhyaya delivered the speech in Sanskrit which addressed to the various achievements of the Division and also highlighted the future programmes.

JANAPADA SAMPADA: On the occasion of the foundation day, which falls on "Hariyaly Tija", the Janapada Sampada organised a brief cultural function on 10th August, 1994.

The cultural function started with the speech of Prof. B. N. Saraswati, the Project Director. While explaining the significance of the "Hariyaly Tija" which is an appropriate time of conjunction of sky, earth, nature and Purusa. He said that the Janapada Sampada Division was established keeping in view the auspiciousness also of the occation. Prof. Saraswati in this speech described the concept of the Division and its integrated inter-related programmes. Subsequently Prof. Saraswati gave the details of the multifarious programmes of the Division comprising of national and international seminars, multimedia presentation, integrated research projects, high quality seminal publications, all converging on the new concept of art.

The cultural programme which followed was an interesting presentation of folk-songs of West Bengal by Mrs. Geeta Chaudhury, Shri Prahlad Brahmachari and Shri Madhusudan Baul. Mrs. Geeta Choudhury, North-Bengal folk exposition was befitting the occasion followed by the Baul melodies of Birbhum. This short excellent presentation was made possible due to the generosity of the East zone Cultural Centre, Calcutta.

The Cultural function reached its culmination with the felicitation of artists by Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, the Academic Director. In her brief meaningful speech she said that the folk-tunes and texts grow from the very earh-the elements of nature, which is essence of all creativity of man and therefore there seems to be an implicit universal flavour in tune and explicit unity in thought. There is no barrier of time and space for the expression of inner urge. Thus folk-songs give the same pleasure at all time and all places without much distinction.



East Asian Programme

Kala Nidhi (D)

Four Scholars of IGNCA participated in the International Symposium on Dunhuangology which coincided with the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Dunhuang Academy. Mr. M. N. Deshpande presided over one of the planary session and also presented a paper on "Dunhuang Affinity with Ajanta and other Buddhist Monuments in India".

The second joint seminar on 'Cave Art of India' (as a sequel to the first seminar held in November 1991), New Delhi which was presided over by Ms. Fan Jinshi, Vice Director of the Dunhuang Academy alongwith Mr. Deshpande. Prof. Duan Wenjie, Director of the Academy presented the first paper to the seminar. In total, ten papers were presented by the Indian and Chinese scholars.

During the seminar Prof. Tan Chung presented the IGNCA book on Dunhuang Art: Through the Eyes of Duan Wenjie" to Prof. Duan Wenjie as a gift on the occasion of the golden jubilee celebrations. The book was dedicated to "All those who have contributed to the discovery, upkeep, conservation and research of the unique art treasure of the Mogao caves, Dunhuang, Gansu, China" which was warmly appreciated by members of the Dunhuang Academy present on the occasion. In return Prof. Duan presented some books to IGNCA and to Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan.



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