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Vol. IV  1996

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ANADI SEMINAR Anadi : The Timeless Tribal Art
Tribal Art : A Universal Creative Art
Social Context of Tribal Art
The Visual Texts in Timeless Tradition
The Style and Motifs in the Art of Arunanachal Pradesh
Adi Bari : A Performative Art
Myth Associated with Apatani Textile Culture
UNESCO FORUM The Culture of Peace : The Experience and the Experiments
CULTURAL INFORMATICS LAB Computer Vision: A Talk by Prof. A. K. Jain
EXPOSITION Exhibition of Rta-Ritu: Cosmic Order and Cycle of Season
LECTURE Dance Through the Lens Eye
IGNCA NEWS Kala Nidhi Annual Day
Kalakosa Annual Day
Janapada Sampada Annual Day
Computer Orientation Programme
Film Award
CHILDREN'S WORLD IGNCA Holds Workshop for Children
BOOK RELEASE Gifts of Earth: Terracottas and Clay Sculptures of India
BOOK REVIEW Concepts of Time: Ancient and Modern
Computerizing Cultures
BOOK EXCERPT The Tarjuma-i-Manakutuhala and Risala-i-Ragadarpana


List of Newsletter

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