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The IGNCA, since 1992 has presented a series of photo - exhibitions. 'Endless Horizons' (4 - 14 January, 2000), reflects the granduer of the Himalayas and their unending ability to facinate.

Inauguration of Exhibition

The adventurous journey of three photographers : Pradeep Bhatia, Gurinder Osan and Dinesh Krishnan resulted in spectacular spectrum of the most illustrious photographs. These were taken during their journey on motorcycles to Ladakh, Himachal and Garhwal ranges, touching world's highest motorable road, the Khardung La pass in Ladakh at 18340 feet.

            A collection of 100 images were presented, showcasing fresh perspective of the magnificient mountains.

Display at Mati Ghar

Display at Mati Ghar


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