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Indian Leaders' Speeches in Chinese Universities

  1. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at Qinghua University, Beijing, 1988.
  2. Prime Minister Narasimha Rao at Beijing University, 1993.
  3. Vice-President K R Narayan at Fudan University, Shanghai, 1994

Indian Savants' Observations on China

  1. Raja Rammohan Roy
  2. Gurudeva Rabindranath Tagore
  3. Mahatma Gandhi
  4. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
  5. A K Coomaraswami
  6. P C Bagchi


  1. A Holistic Eye on Cultural Interface and Syneregy - Kapila Vatsyayan
  2. The Critique of Modernity in India and China - Prasenjit Duara
  3. Enchantment and Disenchantment: A Sino-Indian Introspection - Ravni Thakur & Tan Chung
  4. Gandhi and Mao: National Identity for an Alternative Future - Mira Sinha Bhattacharjea
  5. Body, State and Comos: Mao Zedong's "Study of Physical Education" 1917 - Patricia Uberoi
  6. A Sino-Indian Perspective for India-China Understanding - Tan Chung
  7. Unveiling Xuanzang and the Xuanzang Spirit - Haraprasad Ray
  8. Towards an Understanding of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics - Hemant Adlakha

Culture and Art

  1. Some Aspects of Jataka Paintings in Indian and Chinese (Central Asian) Art - M. C. Joshi & Radha Banerjee
  2. India and China: Beyond and the Within - Lokesh Chandra
  3. My Trust with Chinese Art - M. N. Deshpande
  4. Icons of Cultural Linkage - D. C. Bhattacharyya
  5. Cultural Synthesis in the Buddhist Art of China - Arputharani Sengupta
  6. New Revelations of Xinjiang Art - Priyatosh Banerjee - Priyatosh Banerjee
  7. The Creation of Goddess of Mercy from Avloketesvara - Bagyalakshmi
  8. The Manichaean Input to Chinese Culture and Art - Radha Banerjee

Socio-Political Changes and Economic Development

Socio-Political Institutions

  1. Development and Democracy: The Indian and Chinese Experience - Manoranjan Mohanty
  2. Understanding "Human Relationship" in Chinal - Kamal Sheel

Economic Developments

  1. The Economic Ideas of Mao Zedong: Agricultural Transformation - Utsa Patnaik
  2. Roads for Large Populations Towards Development and Prosperity - S. P. Gupta

Gender Issues

  1. Change and Continuity: Orthodox Discourse on Gender Relations in China - Ravni Thakur
  2. Women and Family in India and China - Bidyut Mohanty
  3. Women and Adult Literacy in China - Shreemati Chakrabarty


Tagore and China

  1. The Controversial Guest: Tagore's 1924 Visit at China - Sisir Kumar Das     Part 1 | Part 2
  2. Tagore's Inspiration in Chinese New Poetry - Tan Chung   Part 1 | Part 2

Ancients on War

  1. Strategic Thinking in Ancient Indian and China: Kautilya and Sunzi - Giri Deshingkar
  2. Arthashastra and Sunzi Bingfa - V R Ragavan

Modern Chinese Literature

  1. The Lofty Height of a Writer: My Evaluation of Lu Xun - Manik Bhattacharyya
  2. Comeback of Hundred Flowers in Chinese Literataure: 1976-1989 - Sabaree Mitra

India-China Relationship

  1. Mao Zedong's Vision: China, The World and India - Mira Sinha Bhattacharjea
  2. The Nehru Years Revisited - Giri Deshingkar
  3. Retrace Indian Steps in the Agricultural Scene in China 40 Years Back - S K Bhutani


  1. Interwoven Memories about China - K.P.S. Menon
  2. My Trust with India-China Friendship - A Talk at IGNCA - K.P.S. Menon
  3. Diary of an Old China Hand - A K Damodaran
  4. Delicious Memories - A Talk at IGNCA - A.K. Damodaran
  5. Walk out of the Dinner and Eat it - A Talk at IGNCA - Brajesh Mishra
  6. Memories of An Indian Ambassador, 1987-1991 - C V Ranganathan
  7. A Young Indian Diplomat in China in the 1960s and 1970s - K S Rana
  8. How I Arrived on the China Scene - Vinod Khanna


  1. How to Understand China? - V V Paranjpe
  2. How to Understand Deng Xiaping's China? - C V Ranganathan
  3. Positive Agenda for Positive Action: Better India-China Understanding - Eric Gonsalves
  4. Indian Policies Towards China - A Talk at IGNCA - Salman Haidar
  5. Looking at China Across the Border - Dipankar Banerjee
  6. India-China Relations: A Military Perspective - V R Raghavan
  7. Three Agreements and Five Principles between India and China
  8. Building Confidence with China - Swaran Singh - Part 1 | Part 2
  9. China Becoming a Superpower and India's Options - Sreedhar
  10. The Importance of understanding China - Surjit Mansing



A MOSAIC LIFE OF ORDINARY UNIQUENESS                 Photographs

  1. Life Sketch of Tan Yun-shanTan Lee       

  2. TanYun-shan -- A historical  Role - Tan  Chung

  3. Tan Yun-shan: The Man and His Mission - V.G. Nair    

  4. Tan Yun-shan and the Renewal of Sino-Indian Cultural Interaction - W. Pachow   

  5. A Cultural Envoy between China and India - Huang Xinchuan   


  1. Remembring my Sister and Brother-in-law Tan Yun-shan - Chen Laisheng

  2. My Acquaintance with Professor Tan Yun-shan - Yun-yuan Yang    

  3. Personification of Rabindranath’s Visvakarma - Bhudeb Chaudhuri 

  4. My Tribute to Tan Yun-shan - K.P.S. Menon     

  5. Follow the footsteps of Savants: Promote Deeper  understanding between India and China - C.V. Ranganathan

  6. My Tribute to Prof. Tan Yun-shan - Kalyan Kumar Sarkar

  7. Remembring Prof. Tan Yun-shan - Krishna Kinkar Sinha

  8. Lonely Traveller - B. K. Roy Burman

  9. My  Eternal  Memory of Prof. Tan Yun-shan - Karuna  Kusalasaya

  10. Prof. Tan Yun-shan as I knew Him - Lama Chimpa

  11. The Great Scholar Prof. Tan Yun-shan - Bina Roy Burman       

  12. In Memory of Father - Tan Wen Dasgupta

  13. Tan Yun-shan - The Essential Man - Tan Lee          

  14. Fond  Memory from A Son - Tan Arjun

  15. Tan Yun-shan Lives in Our Hearts Forever - Wang Hongwei

  16. Tan Yun-shan: A Tribute - Jin Dinghan

  17. My first Lesson in Indian Studies: Reading Tan Yun-shan’s Travel Account - Wang Bangwei


  1. Tagore: pioneer in Asian Relations - Kalidas Nag

  2. Tagore and  Confucian China - Sampson Shen

  3. On Theories of Nationalism for India and China - Prasenjit Dura

  4. Colonialism and the Discourse in India and China - Manoranjan Mohanty

  5. Friendship-In-Need between Chinese and Indian People in Modern Times - Lin Chengjie                     

  6. The pioneer of (Sino-Indian) Studies and Cultural Bridge between Indian and China - H. P. Ray 



  1. China and India - Rabindranath Tagore

  2. India and China - Jawaharlal Nehru

  3. Cultural Interchange between India and China - Tan Yun-shan

  4. My Devotion to Rabindranath  Tagore - Tan Yun-shan                      

  5. My First Visit to Gandhiji - Tan Yun-shan

  6. Ahimsa in Sino-Indian Culture - Tan Yun-shan

  7. Poet to Poet - Tagore-Noguchi correspondence on Japanese Aggression, 1938

  8. An Appeal to Conscience - Tan Yun-shan


  1. C. Rajagopalachari to Tan Yun-shan (and Message),  July 7, 1948

  2. Dr. Rajendra Prasad to Tan Yun-shan, Janauary  4, 1957

  3. Message from Dr. Rajendra Prasad

  4. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Tan Yun-shan, August 26, 1948

  5. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Tan Yun-shan, August 15, 1959

  6. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan to Tan Yun-shan, September 19, 1946

  7. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan to Tan Yun-shan, February 17, 1960

  8. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri to Tan Yun-shan, July 31, 1964

  9. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri to Tan Yun-shan, January 2, 1966

  10. Mrs. Indira Gandhi to Tan yun-shan, February 22, 1983



  1. Cosmogonic Myths: In Northeast India : Forces of Nature (Baidyanath Saraswati)

  2. Chinese Cosmogony : Man-Nature Synthesis (Tan Chung)  

  3. The Super-natural in Nature : Sindhi Tradition (Lachman K. Khubchandani)

  4. The Order of Nature in Liangmais Myth (Sujata Miri)  

  5. The Nomads : Man, Animal, Nature (R.S. Negi)  

  6. Perception of Bhutas in Kedarkhand (M.M. Dhasmana)  

  7. Perception of Bhutas in Garhwal (D.R. Purohit, Poornanand & Richa Negi)  

  8. The Visvakarma worldview (Jan Brouwer)

  9. The Birhor Universe (Ashim Kumar Adhikary)  

  10. Bhuiyan Primal Elements (Pradeep Mohanty)  

  11. Primal Elements in the Santhal Musical Texts (Onkar Prasad)  

  12. A Santhal Myth : Five Elements (Kanak Mital)  

  13. Five Elements in Santhal Healing (N. Patnaik)  

  14. The Angami Fire and Water (Vibha Joshi)

  15. Bhutas in Oral Ayurvedic Tradition (V. Verma)  

  16. Peasant Perception of Bhutas : Uttar Kannada (M.D. Subash Chandran)  

  17. Danda Ritual : Five Elements (Ileana Citaristi)  

  18. Kerala Fisherfolk : Ritualistic and Cosmic Elements (P.R.G. Mathur)  

  19. PaØcaMahËbhÍtas : Origin and Myths in Vedic Literature (S.K. Lal)  

  20. PaØcËbhÍtattvaNIRÍPAÛam (N.S. Devanathachariar)  

  21. bhÍtas in Vedic Rituals and Literature (T.N. Dharmadhikari)

  22. Water Element : in Vedic Cosmogony  (Usha R. Bhise)

  23. Gist of Cosmological Ideas in Vedas (Srinivas Madabhusi)

  24. Cosmogony and  Cosmology in Major UPANIâADS (K.V. Mande)

  25. The Five MahËbhÍtas : A Semantic Analysis (A.M. Ghatage)  

  26. The MahËbhÍtas : The Buddhist Approach (Pratibha Pingle)

  27. Concept of bhÍta in Early Buddhist Philosophy(MaheshTiwary)                     

  28. The Concept of Great Elements in Jain Cosmology (Mangala Mirasdar)  

  29. MahËbhÍtas in JYOTIâA áËSTRA (S.D. Sharma)

  30. Bhutas : Some Reflections on Modern Scientific Concepts and Traditional Indian Thoughts (Jayant V. Narlikar)  

  31. Quantum Theory, Elementary Particles : Limits to Divisibility (N. Mukunda )  

  32. Evolution of Living Matter (S.R.N. Murthy)  

  33. Nature and Function of Matter (E.C.G. Sudarshan)  

  34. Scientific Philosophy : With Reference to Buddhist Thought (Raja Ramanna)  

  35. Matter is Consciousness (S.C. Malik)  

  36. Matter and Magic (C.V. Vishveshwara)  

  37. Forms of Life in the World of Matter : Reflections on Tribal Cosmology (Baidyanath Saraswati)  

  38. The Panca Mahabhutas (P.G. Lalye)  

  39. Samkhya Theory of Matter (M.P. Rege)  

  40. Transmutation: Ancient Indian Concepts and Practices (B.V. Subbarayappa)  

  41. Bhutas : Some Inter-related Themes of Indian Cosmology (P.K. Mukhopadhyay)  

  42. Indian Cosmology: Reflections in Religion and Metaphysics (A.K. Chakravarty)  

  43. Creation of the Universe and Evolution of Life ( Arshad Hussain)

  44. Concept of Matter in Unani Medicine (Hakeem Altaf Ahmad Azmi)  

  45. Ancient and Mediaeval Biology : Looking Through the Magnifying Glass of the Modern (Pushpa M. Bhargava; Chandana Chakrabarti)  

  46. In Pursuit of Reality : Oriental Mysticism and Modern Science (N.C. Rana)  

  47. Man, Nature and the Universe (Jayant V. Narlikar)

  48. Cosmogony and the Elements : The Intuition of Cosmos in Science and Myth (John McKim Malville)

  49. Transmutation from one Form to Another : The Interaction of Colour and the Elements Some Scientific and Aesthetic Consideration (A. Ranganathan)

  50. Holistic Science and Consciousness (S.C. Malik)

  51. Nature and Life : Old Ideas, New Questioning (Ananda Wood)

  52. Nature as Feminine : Ancient Vision of Geopiety and Goddess Ecology (Madhu Khanna)

  53. On Some Aspects of Bhutas During Birth-Death Passages (Gian Giuseppe Filippi)

  54. Akasa, From Space to Spacelessness : Medieval Indian Mystics Concept of Akasa (S.G. Tulpule)

  55. Amrtamanthana : The Vedic Sources of Hindu Creation Myth (Natalia R. Lidova)

  56. Elements of Nature and The Order of Culture (Baidyanath Saraswati)

  57. The Zuni View of Nature (Triloki Nath Pandey)

  58. Fire and Sun, The Positive Energy of the Cosmos in Meso-American Cosmovision (Yolotl Gonzalez Torres)

  59. Pre-Christian Eastern Slavic Reflections on Nature (Molly Kaushal)

  60. The Cosmic Nature of Bushman Law (A.J.G.M. Sanders)

  61. Nature and Human Development Among the Baka Pygmies :Concepts and Perceptions (John Mope Simo) (Paul Nkwi Nchoji)

  62. Pancatattva in Artistic Manifestations: A Case Study of Tribal Gujarat (Haku Shah)

  63. Nature, Man and Art : An Irano Islamic Perspective (Amir H. Zekrgoo)

  64. Five Elements of Ecology (Satish Kumar)

  65. Common Roots or Transfer of Culture (M. Vannucci)

  66. Modernization as a Form of Cultural Adaptation to the Environment (Napoleon Wolanski)



  1. Interface of Science Consciousness and Identity (S.C. Malik)
  2. Humanization of Development: A Theravada Buddhist Perspective (P.D. Premasiri)
  3. Universal and Unique in Cross-cultural Interaction: A Paradigm Shift in Development Ideology (Lachman M. Khubchandani)
  4. Universality, Uniformity and Specificity: a View from a Developing Country (Anisuzzaman)
  5. Identity, Tribesman and Development (Mrinal Miri)
  6. Cultural Identity and Development in the Torres Strait Islands (Leah Lui)
  7. Identity, Ownership and Appropriation: Aspects of Aboriginal Australian Experience in Tertiary Education (Olga Gostin)
  8. Crisis of Cultural Identity in Mongolian Nomadic Civilization (Otgonbayar)
  9. Quest for Cultural Identity in Turkey: National Unity of Historical Diversities and Continuities (Bozkurt Guven)
  10. Popular Culture and Arabesque Music in Turkey (Meral Özbek)
  11. Cultural Pluralism and National Cultural Identity: The Case of Nepal (Dilli R. Dahal)
  12. National Identity and Development in the Plural Society of Indonesia (S. Budhisantoso)
  13. Cultural Pluralism, National Identity and Development: The Indian Case (A.R. Momin)
  14. Secular Sovereign and Artha (Parthasarathi Banerjee)
  15. Technology, Man and Spirituality: Sanctifying Technology Through Sacrifice (Mohammed Reza Rikhtegaran)
  16. Culture and Technology: The Cultural Aspect of Technology (Fatemeh Farahani)
  17. Civilizations and Settlement Societies: Cultural Development and Identity at the end of Twentieth Century (Ravindra K. Jain)
  18. Cultural Preconditions for Development: Tradition and Modernity Reconsidered in the Light of Post-modernism (Dawa Norbu)
  19. Cultural Identity and Development Process in Thailand (Wit Wisadavet)
  20. Freedom to Grow and Growing into One (Baidyanath Saraswati)
  21. Taming Structural Transformation: The Significance of Community Resolve of Mavalibhata (B.D. Sharma)
  22. Development Activism: The Importance of Being Voluntary (Bunker Roy)
  23. Touchstones of Experience: Rethinking Cultural Information Models (S.C. Malik)
  24. Cultures and Development: Guideline Questions (Baidyanath Saraswati)
  25. China under the Impact of Modern Civilization: Problems for an Endogenous Developmental Civilization (Tan Chung)
  26. Indigenous Cultures in the Development of Indonesia (Meutia F. Swasono)
  27. Local Religion and Traditional Healing Practice: The Indigenous Minority Groups of Indonesia (Boedhihartono)
  28. Culture and Development: A Japanese Observation and Reflection (Minoru Kasai)
  29. The Role of Endogenous Culture in Socio-Economic Development of Korea (Sang-Bok Han)
  30. Sri Lanka and the Sarvodaya Model (P.D. Premasiri)
  31. A cultural Policy for Thailand's National Development (Amara Raksastaya)
  32. Local Knowledge and Development  (Ngo Duc Thinh)
  33. Man in Relation to His Environment (Keshav Malik)
  34. The Indian World-view and Environmental Crisis (R.P. Misra)
  35. Cultural Heritage, Cultural Empowerment and Development (Ram Bapat)
  36. Population, Environment and Development: Socio-Cultural Piitfalls Planners must Avoid (Ashish Bose)
  37. Voluntary Action and Alternative Development in Tribal Areas (Sachchidananda)
  38. Development Problems and Traditional Cultures: Reflections on the Management of the Aged in India (P.K. Misra)
  39. The Barefoot College in Tilonia Sanjit (Bunker) Roy
  40. Gandhian Experiment of Primary Education:The Story of Taman Kanak-Kanak 'Gandhi' (Gedong Bagoes Oka)
  41. Poverty and Education: The Samanwaya Ashram (Dwarko Sundrani)
  42. Rural Context of Primary Education: Searching for the Roots (Shakuntala Bapat & Suman Karandikar)
  43. The Bose Foundation School (Baidyanath Saraswati, Shivashankar Dube & Ram Lakhan Maurya)
  44. Ghadatar: An Enquiry into the Invisible Order (Haku Shah)
  45. My Experiments with Education (D. Patnaik)
  46. Art as a Tool for Cultural Rejuvenation (Dinanath Pathy)
  47. Photography in Education (Ravi Chopra)
  48. Education for Value-Creation and Leadership: A Case Study of the Rangaprabhat Centre (N. Radhakrishnan)
  49. Education Through Art (Nita Mathur)
  50. Buddhism and Education: The Thai Experience (Pataraporn Sirikanchana)
  51. Education for Life and Through Life: Gandhis Nayee Talim (Devi Prasad)
  52. Development of Skills and Attitudes in Basic Education (Parthasarathi Banerjee)
  53. Indian Strategies to Achieve Universalisation of Elementary Education (K. Gopalan)
  54. The School System in India: A Critique (Neeru Nanda)
  55. Innovations in Primary Education in Bangladesh (A.M. Sharafuddin)
  56. Environment and Education (Sunderlal Bahuguna)
  57. Subsistence Strategies and Environmental Management (R.S. Negi)
  58. Traditional Knowledge and Management of Natural Resources (A.S. Mishra)
  59. Ecological Degradation Due to Exploitation of Natural Resources and Development (Ramakar Pant & Rakesh Khanduri)
  60. Water Resources and Their Management in Kashmir (B.L. Malla)  
  61. Sacred Response to Environment: The Gaddi and his Mountain (Molly Kaushal)
  62. Ecology and Traditional Wisdom (P.S. Ramakrishnan)
  63. The Nature Centric Culture of the Nepalese (D.S. Rasaily & R.P. Lama)
  64. The Brahmaputras Changing River Ecology (A.K. Das)
  65. The Warlis and the Dhangars: The Context of the Commons (Ajay Dandekar)
  66. Cultural Dimension of Ecology: A Case Study of the Oraons (Virginius Xaxa)
  67. Ecological Cultivation in the Karanpura Region: A Case Study (Sachchidananda & Rajiv Ranjan Jha)
  68. Ecology, Culture, History and World-View: The Andaman and Nicobar Islanders (T.N. Pandit)
  69. Moral Education for Environmental Protection: The Sarvodaya Model (H.M.D.R. Herath)
  70. African Modes of Transmission of Traditional Knowledge (Charles S. Makari)
  71. Traditional Resource Management Systems (Madhav Gadgil)
  72. Symbiotic Relationships Between Man, Animal and Nature: A Study of Gujars of Garhwal (R.S. Negi)
  73. Sacred Groves and Sacred Trees of Uttara Kannada (M.D. Subash Chandran)
  74. Island Ecology and Cultural Perceptions of Lakshadweep (Makhan Jha)
  75. The Mukkuvar: A Fishing Community (G. John Samuel)
  76. The Cosmos and Humanity as a Healing Family (Minoru Kasai)
  77. The True Meaning of Peace from the Chinese Literary Perspective (Tan Chung)
  78. Buddhist Art, The Mission of Harmonious Culture (Jin Weinuo)
  79. Satyam, Sivam, Sundaram (Natalia Kravtchenko & Vladimir Zaitsev)
  80. Creative Hence a Peaceful Society (Devi Prasad)
  81. Peace as Theatrical Experience (Bharat Gupt)
  82. A Dehumanized Environment  (Keshav Malik)

  83. Modernity and Individual Responsibility (M M Agrawal)

  84. The Illusion of Seeking Peace (S C Malik)

  85. Man in his becoming : A change of perspective (Mira Aster Patel)

  86. Vipassana and the Art of Peaceful Living ( S N Goenka)

  87. Buddhist Doctrine and the culture of peace (Pataraporn Sirikanchana)

  88. Buddhism as a Contribution to peace in Vietnam (Cao Xuan Pho)

  89. Buddhism and Peace: A Personal view (Sirima K. Goonesinghe)

  90. The Sufi Paradigm of Peace-making (Mohammad Reza Rikhtehgaran)

  91. The Contribution of Indian Sufis to Peace and Amity (K A Nizami)

  92. The Call of the Forest (Som Raj Gupta)

  93. The Culture of Peace: Experiment and Expectation (Biswanarayan Shastri)

  94. Creativity, Pax Mundi and Gandhi (Ramjee Singh)

  95. The Culture of Peace versus Materialism and Consumerism (N. Radhakrishnan)

  96. Experiencing Peace while engaging in experiments based on moral principles (A T Ariyaratne)

  97. Working together for Peace: The Asian perspective (M Aram)

  98. Public opinion and the movement for Peace (Ali Aksad)

  99. An Odyssey of Peace (Angelo Fernandes)

  100. Bahai principles of Education and World Peace (Dwight W. Allen)

  101. The United national and permanent Peace in the 21st century (A K Merchant)

  102. An international network of Peace (M. Ishaq Jamkhanawala)

  103. Self-Organizing centres and networks of Peace (Baidyanath Saraswati)


  1. Multimedia Rendering of Dhyaneshwari - Dinesh S. Katra
  2. Lowcost Multimedia Technology and Education - An Indian Perspective - A B Saha and T K Ghoshal
  3. Multimedia in Education - Rock Art - B M Pande and Abhay M Lal
  4. Scran: a case study of Networked Cultural Multimedia for Education - Bruce Royan
  5. Towards a Digital Museum - Experiments at National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka, Japan - Shigeharu Sugita 
  6. Multimedia : a learning experience with special reference to Indology - Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat
  7. Computer aided cognition - Sanjay Goel
  8. Knowledge-based Retrieval of Multimedia documents - Hiranmay Ghosh and Santanu Chaudhury
  9. Rights Management and digital resources: Challenges & Problem - Bruce Royan
  10. Methodology of Multimedia Production - Atul Pant




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