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PRAKRITI :  The Integral Vision explores the concept of the Primal Elements (Sky, Air, Fire, Water, Earth) which has governed and determined the evolution of civilizations and cultures.  This 5 volume collection is the outcome of a series of five successive but inter-locked seminars culminating into cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary understanding.

Each volume contains a foreword by the General Editor.

VOL. 1


1995 xv+190pp. index, ISBN: 81-246-0037-6, Rs 600(HB)

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  1. Cosmogonic Myths: In Northeast India : Forces of Nature (Baidyanath Saraswati)

  2. Chinese Cosmogony : Man-Nature Synthesis (Tan Chung)  

  3. The Super-natural in Nature : Sindhi Tradition (Lachman K. Khubchandani)

  4. The Order of Nature in Liangmais Myth (Sujata Miri)  

  5. The Nomads : Man, Animal, Nature (R.S. Negi)  

  6. Perception of Bhutas in Kedarkhand (M.M. Dhasmana)  

  7. Perception of Bhutas in Garhwal (D.R. Purohit, Poornanand & Richa Negi)  

  8. The Visvakarma worldview (Jan Brouwer)

  9. The Birhor Universe (Ashim Kumar Adhikary)  

  10. Bhuiyan Primal Elements (Pradeep Mohanty)  

  11. Primal Elements in the Santhal Musical Texts (Onkar Prasad)  

  12. A Santhal Myth : Five Elements (Kanak Mital)  

  13. Five Elements in Santhal Healing (N. Patnaik)  

  14. The Angami Fire and Water (Vibha Joshi)

  15. Bhutas in Oral Ayurvedic Tradition (V. Verma)  

  16. Peasant Perception of Bhutas : Uttar Kannada (M.D. Subash Chandran)  

  17. Danda Ritual : Five Elements (Ileana Citaristi)  

  18. Kerala Fisherfolk : Ritualistic and Cosmic Elements (P.R.G. Mathur)  


This is the first volume that focuses attention on the articulation of cohesive communities communicating the elements in continuous unceasing dialogue. To them the nature is not a matter of intellection; it is a question of life here and now. This is manifested in their primary myths and rituals which sacralize nature so that man can live as an integral part of the Universe.

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First Published in India in 1995

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

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