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VOL. 2



1995, xiv+153pp index, ISBN: 81-246-0038-4, Rs 600(HB)

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  1. PaØcaMahËbhÍtas : Origin and Myths in Vedic Literature (S.K. Lal)  

  2. PaØcËbhÍtattvaNIRÍPAÛam (N.S. Devanathachariar)  

  3. bhÍtas in Vedic Rituals and Literature (T.N. Dharmadhikari)

  4. Water Element : in Vedic Cosmogony  (Usha R. Bhise)

  5. Gist of Cosmological Ideas in Vedas (Srinivas Madabhusi)

  6. Cosmogony and  Cosmology in Major UPANIâADS (K.V. Mande)

  7. The Five MahËbhÍtas : A Semantic Analysis (A.M. Ghatage)  

  8. The MahËbhÍtas : The Buddhist Approach (Pratibha Pingle)

  9. Concept of bhÍta in Early Buddhist Philosophy(MaheshTiwary)                     

  10. The Concept of Great Elements in Jain Cosmology (Mangala Mirasdar)  

  11. MahËbhÍtas in JYOTIâA áËSTRA (S.D. Sharma)


The second volume in the series on Prakṛti centres on the texts, probing deep into the Vedic rituals, Upaniṣadic philosophies and Jyotiṣa Śāstra. There is a prodigious consideration of the concept of mahābhūtas in Buddhism and Jainism. It also brings forth the many convergences and divergences of the viewpoints between and amongst these different streams of Indian thought.


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First Published in India in 1995

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