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VOL. 3



1995, xiv+193pp. col. and b&w plates, index, ISBN: 81-246-0039-2, Rs 600(HB)

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  1. Ritual Sublimation of Elements In P¡µcar¡tra Ëgama (Prabhakar P. Apte)  
  2. The Pentadic Universe in the Shaivagamas (H.N. Chakravarty)
  3. Paµcabh£tas in áaiva Ritual With Special Reference to Bh£ta¿uddhi (S.S. Janaki)  
  4. Ëgamic Treatment of Mah¡bh£tas In Relation to Ma¸·alas and Arts  (S.P. Sabarathinam)  
  5. From Sensuous to Supersensuous: Some Terms of Indian Aesthetics (K.D. Tripathi)  
  6. The Cosmic View of Ra´gadaivatap£jana  The Question of its Ëamic Background  (Radhavallabh Tripathi)  
  7. Mahabhutas in Sangita-Shastra: With Sepcial Reference to Yoga and Ayurveda (Prem Lata Sharma)
  8. The Body as an Instrument : A Theoretical Choice Made by á¡r´gadeva (Mukund Lath)  
  9. Lines of Fire, Lines of Water, The Elements in áilpa¿¡stras (Bettina Bäumer)
  10. The Unity and Gravity of an Elemental Architecture (Michael W. Meister)
  11. Concept of Space in the Vastu Tradition: My Experience (V. Ganapati Sthapati)  
  12. Ecology and Indian Myth (Kapila Vatsyayan)  
  13. The Cosmic Elements in India: An Agenda of Questions (Ashok R. Kelkar)  
  14. Mahabhuta in Determining Cultural Ecology (Bryan Mulvihill)  

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This volume examines systematically the  manifestation of the elements in the Indian arts and their Āgamic background. From the different vantage points of the architect, sculptor, painter, musician and dancer the field is reopened here to discern the structure of the arts at its primal level. Experiences of the transformation of the gross to the subtle and the theories of aesthetic and cultural ecology emerge from such a captivating view-point.

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