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VOL. 5



1995, xii+270pp., figs., col. plates, index,  ISBN: 81-246-0041-4, Rs 600(HB)

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  1. Man, Nature and the Universe (Jayant V. Narlikar)

  2. Cosmogony and the Elements : The Intuition of Cosmos in Science and Myth (John McKim Malville)

  3. Transmutation from one Form to Another : The Interaction of Colour and the Elements Some Scientific and Aesthetic Consideration (A. Ranganathan)

  4. Holistic Science and Consciousness (S.C. Malik)

  5. Nature and Life : Old Ideas, New Questioning (Ananda Wood)

  6. Nature as Feminine : Ancient Vision of Geopiety and Goddess Ecology (Madhu Khanna)

  7. On Some Aspects of Bhutas During Birth-Death Passages (Gian Giuseppe Filippi)

  8. Akasa, From Space to Spacelessness : Medieval Indian Mystics Concept of Akasa (S.G. Tulpule)

  9. Amrtamanthana : The Vedic Sources of Hindu Creation Myth (Natalia R. Lidova)

  10. Elements of Nature and The Order of Culture (Baidyanath Saraswati)

  11. The Zuni View of Nature (Triloki Nath Pandey)

  12. Fire and Sun, The Positive Energy of the Cosmos in Meso-American Cosmovision (Yolotl Gonzalez Torres)

  13. Pre-Christian Eastern Slavic Reflections on Nature (Molly Kaushal)

  14. The Cosmic Nature of Bushman Law (A.J.G.M. Sanders)

  15. Nature and Human Development Among the Baka Pygmies :Concepts and Perceptions (John Mope Simo) (Paul Nkwi Nchoji)

  16. Pancatattva in Artistic Manifestations: A Case Study of Tribal Gujarat (Haku Shah)

  17. Nature, Man and Art : An Irano Islamic Perspective (Amir H. Zekrgoo)

  18. Five Elements of Ecology (Satish Kumar)

  19. Common Roots or Transfer of Culture (M. Vannucci)

  20. Modernization as a Form of Cultural Adaptation to the Environment (Napoleon Wolanski)

The fifth volume on Man in Nature is a coming together of cultures and disciplines. Enchanting in their own way, the international community of scientists, philosophers, anthropologists, ecologists and artists, share in this volume the myths and cosmology of their respective societies and cultures. There emerges a most meaningful dialogue between those who live with the myths of primordial elements and those who have modified the tools of science to investigate the nature of matter.


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First Published in India in 1995

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi

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