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Holistic Science and Consciousness...

S. C. Malik


The spiralic genesis of the earth

Human assimilation of the constituents of the universe through time

The logarithmic spiral

The spiral at human Indement

Fig. 4.2


A counterclockwise helix is reflected as clockwise

The orbital and spin magnetic moments

The north and south magnetic poles of the earth are mirror imges of each other
The neutrino and anti-neutrino: helices of opposite handedness The yin reflects as the yang

'Heaven' and 'earth' in macrocosm and  Clockwise movement appears counterclockwise in the miror

The north and south poles of a magnet are mirror images of each other The electron and position portrayed as mirror images

Fig. 4.3


The unification of energy

The human umbilical cord, composed of two arteries and one twisted into a trible helix, connecting mother to child.

Milky Way galaxy The enza: map of creation

The path of the earth's movement through the galaxy

The light helix

Human intuition as the perception and expression of life

Fig. 4.4




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