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Festival of Ramkatha - 12th - 15th March, 2008


Photographs of Ram Lila Workshop

The Ramayana or Ramkatha tradition is pervasice not only in India, but throughtout South East Asia. Stories revolving around Ram, Sita and Lakshman penetrate through rural and urban, mundane and religious, sacred and secular domains. They defy categorization of art as folk or classical, rural or urban, textual or oral, Literary, oral kinetic and pictorial aspects intermingle ot generate multiple renditions of the text in different locales and contexts; each rendition with unique local flacour and linguistic distinction. It is indeed the performative aspect of the text, which makes it fluid, accessable and adaptable. It accounts for its perservation, survival, transmission and mobility, cutting across boundaries of time and space.

Besides the well known literary texts that abound in Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western parts of the country, Ramakatha is pervasive in the oral tradition as well. It appears in multiplicity of forms and artistic expressions. It appears at the level of rituals, festivals, as ballad singing, drama, dance-drama, opera, play, shadow puppets and contemporary modern stage. more...

Write-up on some of the Traditions Documented


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