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The backbone of Kala Nidhi is its reference library that holds a carefully selected collection of about 2 lakh books. The collection comprises of updated reference books, bibliographies, monographs, conference proceedings, translations, catalogues of unpublished manuscripts of Indic and Asian origin, biographies and autobiographies, among other reference material. The library is fully automated, providing easy access to its resources through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminals, and has been organized scientifically as per internationally accepted standards. While the majority of material held in the library is in English, it also allows access to books in a range of other Indian languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Malayalam, Oriya etc. as well as to certain foreign languages such as Chinese, German, Russian, French and Japanese


Working Days        : 09:00AM to 08:00PM
 Saturday               : 09:30AM to 05:30PM
Sundays and Holiday: Closed


Reference Library opens on all Saturdays

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