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The Sultan Ghari's tomb lies about 8 km southwest of the Qutub, near Mahipalpur (originally known as malkapur). It was built in 1231 by Sultan Iltutmish over the remains of his eldest son and heir-apparent, prince Nasiru'd-Din Mahmud. 

Laid out within a walled enclosure with bastions on corners, which impart it the look of a fortress, its octagonal grave-chamber lies underground, as the level around it was raised by a rubble-packing. The ceiling rests on columns raised with two pillars each robbed from an earlier Hindu shrine; carved lintels from another were found embedded in the thick lime-concrete roof. Other pieces were used in the ceilings of the prayer-chamber and bastions and the pillars re-utilised in the verandahs, originally used as a madrasa, after chipping the decoration off them. The tomb was repaired later by Firoz Shah Tughluq.


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