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a lens view of KOMALA VARDHAN

            The art of photography has emerged as a powerful medium of creativity on par with painting and sculpture.  IGNCA has always believed in this and in order to promote photographic art has held several exhibitions of works of gifted photographers.  In that, the exhibition of photographs by Mrs. Komala Vardhan was unique.  Mrs. Komala Vardhan is an acclaimed dancer.  Her photographs unveiled yet another aspect of her creativity.  She has traveled extensively and the cameras obviously has been her constant companion.  The dancer in her has guided her camera to catch all the bhangas (deflection of body) as well as tillana (Variety of sculptural poses) in her photographs.  Mrs. Komala Vardhan understands and generously displays the interdisciplinary application.  Rhythm has found a new place in her photography.

            The exhibition was inaugurated on February 6, by Home Minister L.K. Advani, Commenting about the title of the exhibition, Shri Advani said it is in the eater culture that we see beauty in rhythm and vice versa.  In fact, they are the two sides of the eternal Truth, he said.  Shri Advani is the first Home Minister ever to visit IGNCA.  Mrs. Komala Varadhan's photographs cover a vast range of subjects such as nature, people, places, monuments etc.  Mrs. Komala Vardhan is also a painter and a prolific writer.  For her, photography is a symbolic language through which she could project her thoughts.  In a gesture of affection, Mrs. Komala Vardhan has gifted 50 of her photos to IGNCA.

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