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Edited by S.C. MALIK

2001, xli+334pp., line drawings, col. and b&w plates, ISBN:81-7305-192-5, Rs. 2750 (HB)


An ancient Indian hymn describes Man's first conscious reflection on creation as: " ... the contemplative mind conceives of everything from nothing ... only Mind was there ... neither existent nor non-existent.
... That the Truth is hidden in a golden jar.
... That which covers the Truth, the Mind and the Man, is the Mask". There are so many traditions all over the world that have basic ground of existence. From this theoretical base several questions may be raised within the contemporary cultural context when alternative ways of future scenarios are being considered: Who is man? What is the Person/Self? The answers may be given in terms of Purusa (cosmic man) in India; in Greece the word Prosopon and the Latin word Persona assumed the meaning of personage. Thus Mind, Man and Person are closely interlinked; and in this context there are diverse concepts, notions and paradigms to the query-''What is Mask?"

It is clear to all that the Mask has the power to reveal as also the power to conceal the "self/Self'. The present volume containing the proceedings of the seminar held at IGNCA in 1998 on "Rūpa-Pratirūpa: Man, Mind and Mask" reflects a turning point in the series of seminars held earlier at IGNCA on the themes: Time (Kāla), Space (Ākāśa), Form (Ākāra) Primal Elements (Prakṛti), Chaos and Order (Ṛta-Ṛta) and Sound (Dhvani). It now deals directly with the human being. It also deals with how humankind has attempted to move into the inner realm of the self/Self and the Mind of Man . Contributors have responded from the viewpoint of their own field of specialization and they reflect views of diverse cultures and societies.


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