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Dr. Sushma Jatoo is a Ph.D in Sanskrit from University of Kashmir and her thesis is on the Bakhshali Manuscript, the only extant Sharada Manuscript on ancient mathematics. She did a critical study of Sivastotravali, an important 10th century text of Kashmir Sivaism, for her M. Phil. Degree. She is a keen student of religious studies, the arts, cultures and philosophies and is committed to bringing forth a holistic view of Indian artistic traditions. She has made significant contributions in many of the publications of the IGNCA as part of her official assignments, which include “Kanvasatapatha Brahmanam”- a Vedic text; “Isvarasamhita” – a medieval treatise on the Pancaratra school of Visnuism; “Sangitopanisatsaroddhara”, “Sangitanarayana”and Ragalaksanam”, the last three being treatises on musicology. She has rendered editorial assistance in the volume on “Eco-cultural Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir”. She also rendered editorial assistance in Visvavara, a volume dedicated to the exhibition coinciding with the 15th World Sanskrit Conference. She has jointly edited and translated a manuscript on intercalary month titled “Adhimasa nirnaya”, published in 2002.

She has presented several articles and research papers in various national seminars and conferences and has contributed several articles on various topics related to Indology. These include two articles on The Bakhshali Manuscript and one article on Naga in Indian Arts. She also contributed an article in the aforementioned volume titled Visvavara on Sacred Geography and Sanskrit, which was very well received by the scholarly community. She actively participated in the 15th World Sanskrit Conference held at New Delhi in January, 2012 and presented a paper in the Epics and Puranas Section on Sacred Geography of Amaranatha: Textuality and Historicity. She has also reviewed a book titled Evening Blossoms- The Temple Tradition of Sanjhi in Vrndavana', published by IGNCA. Her book titled “Sivastotravali:Bharatiya BhaktiParampara ke Vibhinna Ayamon ke Sandarbha mein” has been published by the Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi.

Also, she has been an active member of the UNESCO’s project for Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage of India: the Documentation of Indian Oral Tradition of the Vedas and in this connection she has travelled far and wide in Karnataka and Kerala. She is also actively involved in the Prayaogapaksha, a programme aimed at documenting the performative traditions of the texts published under the fundamental texts series of the IGNCA. Under this programme, she has supervised the documentation of the Adhyayanotsava at the Varahasvami temple of Mysore. She is an active member of the executive committee for the Kashmir Chapter of the IGNCA, a programme which has been launched with a view to preserve and promote the arts, crafts and culture of Kashmir valley. She is the coordinator for the Kashmir Vistarana programme under this chapter. Through this programme, influences of Kashmiri arts, culture, traditions and philosophy are being traced. Under this project, she toured Karnataka and interacted with eminent scholars working in the fields of archaeology, history and religion there.

She is keenly interested in cross cultural studies and she actively contributed in the organization of the Exhibition on Shared Cultural Heritage – India, West and Central Asia at the IGNCA in July, 2010. She also helped in the successful organization of the International Conference titled Indo Mongol Colloquium: Some unexplored Areas of Research organized by the IGNCA which was held in March, 2012.

Presently, she is working as a Research Officer in the Kalakosa division of the IGNCA, and is looking after the official projects on musicology, architecture and Saivagamas, all of which are under process of publication, along with her personal research projects.

Dr. Sushma Jatoo
Kalakosa Division, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts,
11, Man Singh Road, New Delhi 110001.
Email: sushma.jatoo@gmail.com



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