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Prasad kusram who also hails from Patangarh was highly inspired by Jangarh Singh Shyam`s art work. He also came to Bhopal in search of a livelihood and soon joined IGRMS as a daily wage earner in the mythological trail. He then brought his wife and children to Bhopal and began to paint like many of his friends.

Prasad Kusram`s main painting motif being the pantheons , his children and other children in the locality soon came to know about Bagaisur dev, the God of the Kusrams , about Meherelin dai who stands in the west side of the village , giving protection to the people from evil spirits and diseases and about many more Gods and Goddesses . His children love to go to Patangarh which their father keeps on talking about and be with their relatives who enchant them by telling them stories of the ancient times . 

Prasad`s wife Sakunlata soon got drawn to the world of painting and began to fill up colours in the images created by Prasad on canvases or papers . When Prasad would ask her to paint on her own , she would refuse to do it , thinking she might ruin the canvases which were bought with her husband`s hard earned money . But gradually she became confident to paint on her own. Through her paintings, she is also telling her children about Gondi life. 

Prasad and Sakunlata Kusram belong to Gond community while most of the other artists belong to Gond Pardhan community. 

Gond Artists

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