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Radha Tekam learnt the art of painting from her husband, Ramesh Tekam. As a child she was good at making digna, the traditional pattern, that adorned the walls of her house. When she began to paint on paper and canvas, she found herself reconnecting with nature. She loves some greenery. But in the locality where she now lives in city of Bhopal, there is very little of it. So Radha brings birds, animals and trees to life on her canvases. This makes her feel connected with her village, Bhusanda, where she grew up.

acrylic on canvas  – 2’ X 5’,  Theme: Birds guarding her babies

ink on paper  – 22” X 28”,  Theme: Trees grow from swamp deer horns

Radha and Ramesh Tekam take their sons, Aman and Ashish back to their village every year, so that they stay close to their roots. The boys can recognize the animals which their parents paint and are thrilled to see them come to life when they visit their village.

ink on paper  – 22” X 28”,  Theme: Tree


Gond Artists

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