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Ravi Tekam was born and brought up in Bhopal. But his inspiration comes from the villages of Patangarh and Sonpuri. His themes are always rustic. A farmer at work is a recurring motif in his work. When his father, Narmada Prasad Tekam, speaks about his rural upbringing, he listens entranced just as he does to his mother, Rambai, narrating a simple folktale. These are the wellspring of his inspiration. 

acrylic on paper – 11” X 14”,  Theme: A farmer couple going to work

Ravi Tekam has a vivid imagination and his paintings give free reign to his flights of fantasy – like the elephant’s trunk growing into a snake – stimulating the eye and invigorating the mind. He has been holding workshops for children in the National Museum of Delhi, he has taught Gond painting to children as well as teachers.

acrylic on paper – 11” X 14”, Theme: Pardhan playing a bana as he sings

ink on paper  – 11” X 14”, Theme: An elephant’s trunk is transformed into a snake

Gond Artists

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