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Suresh Dhrube’s early works are different from his present work. Previously, he used to use a lot of bright colours. Now a days, he does painting in black and white, with a tinge of colour on some images alone.

The main motif of his painting is different species of birds. The sky is always filled with birds, in his painting. He remembers his childhood in Patangarh where he would see hundreds of birds. From very early age, he could identify different species of bird very easily. He says this ability is not a special one, rather children in the village can very easily identify a bird by its call. Many a times, Suresh Dhrube shows birds in huge number going back home. He was very young when he lost both of his parents and in that sense, his home was gone. Jangarh Shyam’s mother, who was her aunt, took him to Bhopal and Jangarh, recognizing his artistic bent of mind, inspired him to find a career in painting. In Bhopal, Suresh Dhrube has made his ‘home’ with his wife and children.

He has been showcasing his paintings along with other Gond artists, all over the country but the exhibition which is very special to him was the one held in Bharat Bhawan in 2007. After Jangarh Singh Shyam, it is Suresh Dhrube whose 35 paintings were exhibited as a solo artist.


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