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Indian Classical Music Series
Video Clip: VEDIC CHANTING A Project on Safeguard and Support of The Masterpieces of Intangible Heritage of Humanity   i.e. Our Oral Tradition and Ritualistic Practices
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Gita Govinda - 12th Century Sanskrit Poem on Radha and Krishna: Adopted in Painting, Music and Dance. 
Brhadisvara Temple - 11th Century Shiva Temple at Tanjore.
Kutiyattam - Sanskrit Theatre from Kerala: Declared as among the Masterpieces of the oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Gita Govinda 
  1. Lalit Lavanga
  2. HariRihMugdha
  3. Dhire Sameere
  4. Pashyati
  5. Yahi Madhava
  6. Kuru YaduNandan  




01 Lalit Lavanga
Recitation of Poem Lalit Lavanga by Dr. Sampat Narayan 
DANCE 02:07

Traditional Temple Dance of Jagannath Puri Temple  /  (Higher Resolution)

02:54  /  02:56

Kathak Dance by Saswati Sen 09:57
Anusuya Devi                03:06
Bankim Sethi  05:57
Leela Omcherry  06:20
Aribham Gayatri            02:20
02 HariRihMugd
Recitation of Poem by Dr. Sampat Narayan   02:55
Madhavi Mudgal - Part I   /  Part II 02:06  /  02:09
Dance by Bharati Shivaji - Part I  /  Part II 02:04  /  02:11
Manipuri Dance  03:04
Deepti Bhalla  02:02
Meeta Pandit 02:12
Bankim Sethi 01:56
O. S. Sunder 02:03
Manipuri Singer   02:48
03 Dhire Sameere 
Recitation of Poem by Dr. Sampat Narayan  05:18
Kanaka Srinivasan 02:56
Saswati Sen 02:21
Bharati Shivaji 02:10
Madhavi Mudgal 02:11
Janardhanan Nedungadi 01:33
L. K. Pandit 02:08
O. S. Sunder 01:45
04 Pashyati
Recitation of Poem by Dr. Sampat Narayan 02:10
Madhavi Mudgal & Kelucharana Mahapatra 02:53
Kanaka Srinivasan 02:11
Surajmukhi Devi  02.00
L. Bino Devi 02:10
Deepthi Bhalla  01:42
Janardhan Nedungadi 02:26
Bankim Seth 02:32
O. S. Sunder 02:18
05 Yahi Madhava
Recitation of Poem by Dr. Sampat Narayan  02:42
Saswati Sen           02:49
Madhavi Mudgal      02:21
Kanaka Srinivasan   02:38
Jagannath Puri temple Group   02:57
Manipuri Dance     02:30
Sumati Mutatkar       02:17
O. S. Sunder            02:54
Manipuri Singer      02:30
06 Kuru YaduNandan
Recitation of Poem by Dr. Sampat Narayan  03:00
Madhavi Mudgal Part 1 / Part 2  [02:12 / 02:59]
Kelucharan Mahapatra  02:56
Guthambala Devi  02:46
O. S. Sunder  (02.39)
L. K. Pandit  (02.55)
Bankim Sethi  (02:05)

Brhadisvara Temple

Brhadisvara Temple

Brhadisvara Temple
Some rituals of Kumbabhishekam
Vastu Puja 02:48
Bhumi Puja 03:16
Graha Puja   ( Part 1 ) 03:30
Graha Puja   ( Part 2 ) 03:23
Abhishekam to Nataraja's Panchaloha Idol 03:53
Mahisasura Mardhin Stotramala  ( Part 1 ) 04:22
Mahisasura Mardhin Stotramala  ( Part 2 ) 04:21

Video on Kutiyattam    Courtsey  MARGI              [text About Kutiyattam] 15:13
VIDEO CLIPS OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITES  (Know about Archaeological Sites)  



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